Pupils to carry out terror attack drills in plans to survive deadly explosives

Schoolkids will carry out security drills to prepare for terror attacks, under Government plans.

The lock-down and evacuation procedures will also guard against chemical and biological alerts and flooding.

School Standards Minister Nick Gibb said: “Our schools are safe and thankfully serious ­incidents are extremely rare.

“It is, nevertheless, important that schools remain vigilant and prepare for potential risks.”

The Department for Education has issued draft guidance to help schools respond to the range of threats.

Mr Gibb added: “This will help identify risks and how to ensure measures are put in place, whether it is a terrorist attack, knife crime or other dangerous threat.”

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The Home Office, National Counter Terrorism Security Office and the Health and Safety Executive have all contributed.

Security threats could include terrorist attacks using improvised explosive devices, gun or knife attacks.

And also vehicles being used as a weapon, such as in the Westminster Bridge attack in March last year.

The preventative measures could include screening of staff, pupils and visitors for prohibited items.

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