Princess Margaret Used Royal Protocol to Delay a Dinner Party In Her Honor

Being a member of the British royal family sounds like a dream come true for millions of people. After all, the royals get to do so many amazing things — they attend some of the most lavish functions in the world, and they have people who admire them for everything that they do.

Most of the time, the royals are the center of attention wherever they go, and just like anyone, there may have been a few instances where some members of the family used that to their advantage. When parties are one of the main occurrences in someone’s life, they more than likely behave differently than the typical guest would.

We all know that the royals are trained to act a certain way at all times and that they are watched closely by everyone around them. Most of the time, they know exactly what to say and do in all situations, however, there are a few exceptions.

In fact, there was one time when Princess Margaret used royal protocol to delay a dinner party in her honor.

Princess Margaret wasn’t exactly easygoing

In recent years, the royals have been known as having become “modernized.” While there are still royal rules that they have to follow, for the most part, they are much more laid back than they were many years ago.

Today, it is not unusual to see royals shaking hands with fans. And, according to Town & Country, we have even seen family members such as Prince Harry hugging the occasional child.

However, Princess Margaret wasn’t known to be as easygoing as the modern-day royals are. So much that Libby-Jane Charleston reports that the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II was notorious for causing trouble, and she was even known as the “rebel sister.” 

History Extra reports that she was known for her “vivacious personality and antics,” and that she was also a “party princess.” It sounds like Princess Margaret definitely liked to do things her own way, something that was more than frowned upon all those decades ago.

There are some weird rules surrounding the British royal family

Royal life isn’t exactly easy, and the family members must follow some pretty strange rules. What is it that they have to do? According to Harper’s Bazaar, quite a bit.

Everyone must stand when the queen does, and she also must approve of all marriage proposals. No one is to be called by a nickname, and when it comes to mealtime, shellfish is never to be served.

The royals must hold their teacups in a specific way, no one is ever to turn their back to the queen, and even the conversations at dinner parties are carefully planned out in advance. There is a lot of work that goes into following royal protocol, and we can only imagine that there are times when it becomes a bit overwhelming. 

Princess Margaret used royal protocol to delay a dinner party in her honor

When you are known as the “party princess,” it isn’t all that surprising that controversial things are bound to happen. This was exactly the case when Princess Margaret decided to use the royal protocol to delay a dinner party in her honor, and it is still being talked about to this day.

According to Biography, there was a party in Paris all the way back in 1959, and naturally, dinner couldn’t begin until Princess Margaret had arrived. Sounds pretty simple, except that the princess decided to wait until the time when the party was scheduled to begin to start getting her hair done, keeping the guests waiting for hours.

To make matters even worse, the end result wasn’t exactly met with rave reviews. It was said by writer Nancy Mitford that Margaret “looked like a huge ball of fur on two well-developed legs.” It would appear that even princesses can be difficult, and Princess Margaret certainly was. 

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