Prince Harry Forced To Choose Between Meghan Markle And Royal Family

Prince Harry just might be forced to choose between his new wife Meghan Markle and his duties to Britain’s royal family as rumors regarding his wife’s past continue to surface, leading some royal senior officials to question the suitability of the former American actress within the elite clan.

Sources tell Australia’s Now to Love that the Duke of Sussex is being forced to make the choice by Markle, who’s been at the center of media scrutiny since her wedding to Prince Harry in May of 2018.

From rumors of her overspending on her royal wardrobe to head-to-head battles with sister-in-law Kate Middleton, her tumultuous relationship with her extended family members, and rumors regarding her first marriage, senior royal members are in a reported tizzy over Markle’s behavior, past and present, and how it will affect the family moving forward, alleges Now to Love.

The publication alleges that Markle has done some things in her past that is not becoming of a member of the royal household.

One of the most shocking are the allegations in Australia that in a series of leaked emails, Markle revealed plans to put marijuana in party bags for her Jamaica nuptials to first husband Trevor Engelson.

Now to Love alleges senior royals are issuing Harry with a stern warning – Meghan must toe the line or she’s out, putting the duke in a perilous situation of having to choose between his love for Markle, who is carrying his first child, or his duties to the royal family.

“They’ve put their feet down. It’s been one thing after another,” alleges a source to the publication.

On the other side, Markle is also reportedly standing her ground.

“Meghan is sick of being bullied and she’s demanding Harry show his support by cutting ties with the royals if that’s what it takes to make it all stop,” a palace aide tells Now to Love.

“Harry is her soulmate and she’s demanding they show a united front while she’s under attack like this. Her point is, ‘I’ve stood up to my family and disowned them, so why can’t you do the same with yours?’” the publication alleges.

“Everyone knows his love towards Meghan comes before all else – even his own relatives,” alleges the Now to Love source of Prince Harry’s devotion to his wife.

Markle has cut ties with many of her relatives, including her father Thomas Markle, and has been ignoring his recent cringe-worthy public overtures for forgiveness. She has also stood firm against speaking publicly against her meddling half-sister Samantha Markle since her engagement to Prince Harry in November 2017.

Sources alleged that the tension has Markle wondering how she fits in within the monarchy.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will welcome their first child in the spring of 2019.

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