Prince Charles rubs shoulders with the stars at Prince's Trust Awards

Prince of Wales is moved to tears as young man, 20, who was unemployed and excluded from school pays tribute to his college tutor for helping him turn his life around

  • Prince Charles, 72, put on a dapper display at The Prince’s Trust Awards at St James’ Palace, London today 
  • Aidan Sayers, 20, from Darlington, was tearaway teen excluded from school but now has a home, car and a job
  • Prince Charles became emotional as Aidan thanked his tutor for guiding him through a trust course 
  • Royal welcomed several famous faces including Richard E Grant, Kate Garraway and Fearne Cotton  

Prince Charles was moved to tears when a young man paid tribute to his college tutor for her support as he turned his life around with help from the Prince’s Trust.

Aidan Sayers’ transformation from an unemployed teenager excluded from school to someone who has a home, car and a job was recognised with an award from the trust presented by Charles.

The award winner became emotional as he thanked Claire McGarvey for guiding him through a trust course, telling her, “I’ve got as much love for you as my grandma.”

Charles appeared tearful as the 20-year-old spoke during the awards ceremony staged at St James’s Palace and he later praised the determination of the young people recognised. 

Prince Charles was moved to tears when Aidan Sayers (pictured, together) paid tribute to his college tutor for her support as he turned his life around with help from the Prince’s Trust

The Prince of Wales, who founded the Prince’s Trust organisation in 1976, made a speech before announcing the winners

Prince Charles put on a smart display as he welcomed a whole host of celebrities – including Richard E Grant (pictured, together) to The Prince’s Trust Awards at St James’ Palace in London on Thursday

Prince of Wales, Fearne Cotton and Edward Enninful appeared to share a joke together as they were seen laughing

Presenters Fearne Cotton and Kate Garraway posed for the cameras as they awaited for the ceremony to begin

During a speech, he said: ‘It really is marvellous to be together again in person after this delay of 18 months or so, this dreadful pandemic, then to share in the celebrations of all these wonderful young people.

‘I find their stories have alternatively moved me, made me laugh and cry.

‘So, I’ve come to know how proud I am of all of them, and what they represent in terms of the incredible amount of effort and determination they put in to all of this and to win their awards.’

The awards were presented virtually earlier in the year and the event gave Charles the opportunity to recognise the winners in person. 

Among the guests were ambassadors and supporters of the Prince’s Trust and its international body including actors Richard E Grant and Colin Salmon, Edward Enninful, editor-in-chief of British Vogue, comic Hugh Dennis, presenter Kate Garraway and host Fearne Cotton.

Aidan Sayers described school as ‘not for me’ and later revealed his hopes of joining the Army were dashed because of an allergy, but he enrolled on a Prince’s Trust Achieve course which gave him purpose and confidence. 

Edward Enninful looked dapper in a black suit and crisp white shirt as he shook hands with Prince Charles

Kate Garraway looked effortlessly stylish in a paisley-print dress (pictured, left) while Fearne Cotton put on a bold display in a bright fuchsia suit

A smiling Gaby Roslin shook hands with Prince Charles while Tyler West awaited his turn

Gaby Roslin was all smiles during the trophy ceremony as she spoke with the Princes of Wales

The Prince’s Trust Awards honour the achievements of young people supported by The Trust’s programmes. Pictured, Prince Charles giving a speech

Tyler West (pictured, shaking hands with Prince Charles) put his best foot forward in a grey blazer, which he paired with a smart, black top and trousers

The Prince of Wales meets Adam Pearson and Hugh Dennis (right) during a trophy ceremony to recognise award winners from the Prince’s Trust Awards and the charity’s supporters

Prince Charles shook hands with a smartly dressed Edward Enninful (pictured, left), while Richard E Grant was suited and booted in a three-piece suit and burgundy tie

The Prince of Wales speaks with Hugh Dennis, Kate Garraway and Colin Salmon at the Prince’s Trust Awards Trophy Ceremony at St James Palace

While on stage, Mr Sayers, who won the Educational Achiever Award, said: ‘Without people like Claire around us I don’t know where I’d be, I wouldn’t have a house, I wouldn’t have anywhere to go, I wouldn’t have job, I wouldn’t have anything.

‘Without the Prince’s Trust I wouldn’t be standing here obviously, I would probably be on the streets. Because of what the Prince’s Trust has done, what all you lovely people have done. I’m stood here today and I can’t say thank you enough.’ 

Among the winners was Cordell Jeffers, awarded the Young Change Maker Award, after supporting thousands of black and ethnic minority students through resilience training, motivational talks and entrepreneur workshops.

Mr Jeffers was sent to the Caribbean to finish his education after being excluded from school but began on his current path after completing the trust’s enterprise programme.

The Prince of Wales spoke with Tyler West, Adam Pearson, Hugh Dennis, Kate Garraway and Colin Salmon

Fearne Cotton put on an animated display as she spoke with British Vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enninful (pictured)

Emily Hallie and Edward Enninful pose for the cameras during the Prince’s Trust Awards Trophy Ceremony at St James Palace (pictured)

A smartly dressed Hugh Dennis also spoke with Prince Charles during the award’s ceremony this evening

Actor Colin Salmon, who appeared in three James Bond movies, joked with Charles before the event began about how he did not need fight training, he just ‘worked out how to hold a pen’.

The celebrity was impressed by Mr Jeffers, who opened the awards ceremony by telling his story, saying: ‘What Cordell did up there was almost like a warm-up and almost like a performance. And he’s entered that poetic phase in his life when he understands the depth of what he’s doing – and that’s the game.’  

The Prince’s Trust Awards recognise young people who have succeeded against the odds, improved their chances in life and had a positive impact on their local community. 

Among those celebrating tonight include Cordell Jeffers, winner of The Watches of Switzerland Group Young Change Maker, and Noor Kimit, who was awarded the NatWest Enterprise Award.  

The organisation was founded in 1976 by the Prince of Wales and supports 11 to 30-year-olds who are unemployed, or pupils at school who are at risk of being excluded.

The charity, which had to axe 100 jobs as part of a £2.8million funding shortfall in 2014, works with around 60,000 young people every year and says three in four of them move on to employment, education or training. 

Prince of Wales presented The Watches of Switzerland Group Young Change Maker award to Cordell Jeffers during the Prince’s Trust Awards Trophy ceremony

Cordell Jeffers, Winner of The Watches of Switzerland Group Young Change Maker, was seen celebrating

Winner of the NatWest Enterprise Award, Noor Kimit spoke with presenter Fearne Cotton during the Prince’s Trust Awards Trophy Ceremony

Prince of Wales can be seen smiling alongside the Winner of the NatWest Enterprise Award, Noor Kimit (pictured)

The charity has helped 870,000 young people since 1976 and supports over 100 more each day. Three in four of these young people move into work, training or education.

The royal is still actively involved in the charity and it’s work, and keenly took part in visits to meet volunteers early last year.  

Actor and comedian Hugh Dennis also attended and was seen chatting to a jovial Prince Charles ahead of the award’s ceremony. 

In February, Prince Charles was greeted by well-wishers who lined the streets before he strolled into a TK Maxx store on Tooting High Street to meet with Prince’s Trust alumni.

And on Valentine’s Day the royal hosted The Prince’s Trust Invest in Futures Gala, which is the largest fundraising event for the charity, in London 

Since its inception in 2005, the star-studded event has raised an astounding £23 million and has enabled The Trust to change the lives of over 22,000 young people. 

The Prince of Wales, dressed in a dapper navy check suit, looked in high spirits as he took a seat during this afternoon’s event 

Fearne Cotton (pictured, left and right) has been an ambassador for The Trust for more than 10 years, attending events and meeting young people. Pictured, giving a speech

A beaming Aidan Sayers poses next to Prince Charles with his Ascential Educational Achiever Award

The Prince of Wales alongside winner of the Homesense Young Achiever Award, Thomas Pemberton (left), while Jhorvis Tyrell took home  the Delta Air Lines Rising Star Award (right)

The Prince of Wales presented the Winner of the NatWest Enterprise Award to Noor Kimit during the ceremony

Cleo Johnson (left) looked delighted as she was awarded the HSBC UK Breakthrough Award by Prince Charles, while Kristin Topping was also a worthy recipient (right)

Winner Kristin Topping was delighted to be one of the very worthy winners and was seen shaking hands with Prince Charles

The Prince of Wales congratulated Team 8 from Hemel Hempstead on their win for the Dell Technologies Community Impact Award

Prince of Wales and Volunteer of the Year in association with GMB, Neal Clements (pictured left), and right, the royal giving a speech

Winner of The Watches of Switzerland Group Young Change Maker, Cordell Jeffers was interviewed by Fearne Cotton

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