Pregnant mother had her coccyx removed after contracting rare jaw-eating bug

A pregnant mother who contracted a rare jaw-eating bug has revealed her ordeal after being left virtually bedbound and in extreme pain for the past two years.

Sara Pollard-Dambach's tooth abscess unexpectedly caused a serious bone infection which dramatically ended up eating away at her jaw.

The 32-year-old was forced to have her coccyx, also known as the tailbone, removed while suffering from a painful pus-filled hole near her buttocks.

The former cake baker's agony began when she fell and fractured her coccyx at a play area in March 2017.

She discovered she had a tooth abscess four months later and then found that a nerve running to her teeth was also damaged.

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Medics diagnosed her with osteomyelitis – a serious bone infection – and she was forced to have her coccyx removed.

She was also suffering with a painful pilonidal sinus – a small hole or tunnel in the skin which fills with pus – around the top of her buttocks.

Mrs Pollard-Dambach, from Hayling Island, near Portsmouth, Hants, said: "The bone infection had also gone into the coccyx and so it had to be removed. I have been in pain for the last two years and barely been able to move from my bed.

"In recent months I have been better and can walk to the kitchen but my husband Oliver and daughter Chloe, who is only 10, have been taking care of me."

The woman, who is 17 weeks pregnant, said she also spent the past two years fighting for benefits, with her family forced to turn to foodbanks while she was wheelchair-bound.

However the Department for Work and Pensions ruled she was not eligible for the cash.

She added: "It has meant a massive loss of earnings for us as a family and the personal independence payments would have been thousands of pounds that could have helped us in our time of need.

"We had to eat from food banks and the community raised money to help us as well as friends and family which we will always be grateful for."

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