Pixar’s ‘Out’ brings tears, cheers for studio’s first gay lead character

Pixar Animation Studios’ short animated film “Out” — which features the first gay lead character for the company — is melting hearts on the Disney+ channel.

The 9-minute mini movie mixes fantasy, drama and comedy to tell the story of Greg, who is moving in with his boyfriend, Manuel. But there’s a catch: Greg isn’t “out” to his parents and is shocked when they drop by for an unannounced visit, housewarming casserole in hand.

The tale takes a “Freaky Friday” turn when a despondent Greg winds up in a metaphysical body-swap with his pooch and discovers his fear of coming out may be moot.

Fans flocked to social media to celebrate the inclusion, a significant move in light of Disney’s spotty track record, as documented by GLAAD.

“Finally!!! LGBT People also exist in the Disney / Pixar universe!! Thank you!!” said one Twitter supporter in summing up the move.

Others applauded the sweet story by calling it everything from “heartfelt and cute” to “adorable.” One viewer summed it up as a “fantastical glimpse into how wrong it feels keeping your true self bottled up inside,” with numerous tweeters acknowledging its relatable content for LGBTQ people.

“I only cried a lot,” said one commenter about the emotional journey, while another simply wrote, “This is gay and I love it.”

The video, billed as “based on a true story,” is directed and written by Pixar vet Steven Clay Hunter and is part of Pixar’s SparkShorts film series, which kicked off last fall.

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