Photoshop genius shares hilarious results with cheeky creations

Careful what you wish for! Photoshop genius who takes editing requests VERY literally is back and better than ever

  • British-born James Fridman has been busy on Photoshop again
  • US-based graphic designer has become famous for hilarious interpretations 
  • Cheeky chap takes client requests for alterations and makes very literal changes 

The latest efforts of a graphic designer who’s become notorious for his hilariously literal interpretations of Photoshop requests are causing a stir online. 

British designer James Fridman, who is based in the US, has become something of an online celebrity thanks to his comical edits, which he shares with his 1.5million followers on Twitter.

Now he’s inundated with requests from people who want him to make changes to their photos – and he takes their instructions extremely seriously.   

Bored Panda compiled his recent work into an online gallery that showcases his knack for mocking our continuous quest for perfection in the most amusing way possible. 

US-based graphic designer James Fridman, who was born in London, has become famous for his hilariously literal interpretations of Photoshop requests. Above: A female anonymous client has asked him to make her equal height with her pals- with hilarious results

Doing it for the gram! This woman wanted to perfect her pose against a mountainous backdrop by having a pair of wings photoshopped in, but surely didn’t expect a bucket of chicken wings added into the snap

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Striving for perfection! Meanwhile a lady unhappy with the size of her boyfriend’s face was sure to get the shock of her life when James readjusted his face with hilarious results- and a very large chin

Elsewhere conscientious Fridman made sure this young lady learned her lesson when she asked for the seat belt to be photoshopped out of the snap- fulfilling her wish but adding a bump onto her head in a warning against the dangers of driving without a belt

And ridiculing this poor brother’s request, the graphic designer created a huge t-shirt which enveloped both men, after being asked to change their t-shirts so that they matched

Meanwhile these two girls were surely left in stitches when their request to look ‘older and at a party’ was met with a snap of a group of festive pensioners complete with party hats

Elsewhere Fridman hit back with a sassy clapback when a woman asked him to ‘make her boyfriend look like he wants to be in the picture’, adding a smile and a pizza to the snap and writing: ‘Taking selfies on an empty stomach is never a good idea’

And when a newly-engaged couple called the two men at the front ‘out of place’, Fridman changed the shot to have them playing chess at a tournament- ditching the couple altogether 

Meanwhile when an army wife asked for her to be moved next to her navy officer husband, James simply swapped the faces of the lady in the ‘blue spaghetti strap dress’ and the man in the baseball cap- making for a very odd end result

And when one leggy woman asked to be made ‘shorter than her boyfriend’, she disappeared out of sight completely- with the unsuspecting man staring down at the space where she presumably was hovering

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