Pet Parents Call This Self-Warming Mat ‘Heaven’ for Their Furry Friends

While we humans can certainly cozy up with fleece-lined sweaters, quilted coats, and copious cups of hot chocolate as temperatures fall steadily, it’s important to keep our furry friends equally warm at home. If you thought there weren’t too many products to do just that, think again: Amazon shoppers have been buying warming products for their dogs, cats, rabbits, and other pets in droves. One that caught many keen pet parents’ attention in particular is Furhaven’s ThermaNap Self-Warming Quilted Blanket Mat. 

This insulated mat has garnered rave responses on Amazon, with it currently averaging 4.2 stars from more than 3,700 reviewers. One shopper even called it “kitty heaven,” saying, “the only problem is my cat is getting fat lying on the mat all day!”

Buy It! Furhaven ThermaNap Self-Warming Quilted Blanket Mat Medium in Black, $16.99;

Priced between $12 and $24 depending on size, Furhaven’s ThermaNap warming mat is an affordable solution to keep your pets toasty in colder months. Most reviewers praise it for being an efficient heating product that doesn’t need to be plugged in, which bypasses safety concerns many have with electric mats. It generates heat by using an insulated reflective thermal sheet sandwiched between its quilted material, harnessing your pet’s natural body heat to create a warm, cozy place for them to snuggle up. 

As a lightweight and soft blanket mat, Furhaven’s quilted pet blanket is easily portable, and shoppers have placed it everywhere from their sofas to their car seats. It’s also machine-washable, which makes clean-up a breeze (especially with pets that are just getting potty trained).

“My cat loves it,” wrote an enthusiastic reviewer. “My cat wasn't sure about this at first until I put it on his favorite chair. Once he laid on it and realized what it did, he slept on it all night. Today I pulled it out to give it to him and as soon as he saw it he started purring. He loves it. The crinkle is very quiet and he doesn't seem to notice it. He is sleeping on it as I type this.”

The Furhaven blanket mat is currently available in three sizes shoppers can choose from depending on the sizes of their pets. As the white mat in medium is low in stock, we’d recommend picking one up fast — especially before the temperatures get any lower. 

Shop Furhaven’s ThermaNap Self-Warming Quilted Blanket Mat on Amazon below.

Buy It! Furhaven ThermaNap Self-Warming Quilted Blanket Mat Medium in White, $16.99;

Buy It! Furhaven ThermaNap Self-Warming Quilted Blanket Mat Large in Blue, $23.99;

Buy It! Furhaven ThermaNap Self-Warming Quilted Blanket Mat Small in Green, $11.99;

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