People tell me I'm too old to be wearing mini skirts at 56

People tell me I’m too old to be wearing mini skirts and high heels at 56 – but it makes me feel sexy

  • Erikka, from the US, shows off incredible appearance – as her age shocks users
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A 56-year-old grandmother has been wowing fans on TikTok – hitting back at critics by demonstrating in daring videos that no-one is ‘too old’ to wear revealing, sexy clothing. 

Erikka, from the US, has already taken social app by storm, cultivating a following of 156,000 people who are blown away by her appearance. 

The glam grandma – known as @mserikka on her account – regularly posts sultry and tongue-in-cheek videos showing off her phenomenal look, accompanied by hashtags such as #maturewomen, #grandmas and #classywomen. 

Erikka, who has said she is not ashamed to admit her age, was born in 1967, but many people can’t believe that she’s over the age of 45. 

One user said in a video, ‘No, no, you are 40,’ while another wrote, ‘You look 45.’

Erikka, who has said she is ‘not ashamed’ to admit her age, was born in 1967, but many people can’t believe that she’s over the age of 45 

Despite her age, Erikka takes pride in flaunting her curves in leather skirts, low cut mini dresses and high heels.

The fashion fanatic has said she doesn’t feel like she is 56 years old – even appointing herself as a cougar as she prefers to date people who are in their late 30s and early 40s. 

In one video, Erikka confirmed: ‘I have dated 10-15 years younger… so I guess I am a cougar.’  

Although the grandmother clearly exudes confidence, self-love and great skin, she still receives criticism from some bewildered individuals – mainly for her outfit choices.   

She has said she has been told: ‘Older women shouldn’t wear leather skirts and stiletto heels.’

But the trolls haven’t stopped Erikka from continuing to show off her spectacular appearance online, saying: ‘I think if you feel sexy then do it.’ 

And, despite the hate, Erikka is not ashamed to remind her fans of her real age. She has said: ‘I’m not ashamed to admit I’m 56 years young.’

The grandmother receives hundreds of comments daily from adoring followers and admirers, gushing over her “youthful” and stylish look. 

The 56-year-old ‘cougar’ – who dates men 10-15 years her junior – has said she has been told: ‘Older women shouldn’t wear leather skirts and stiletto heels’

Under a video, people applauded Erikka for showcasing her ‘gorgeous’ figure in a tight, black dress combined with matching stiletto heels.

One admirer said: ‘I asked my heart to take me to where love is, and it brought me to you.’

A flustered fan wrote, ‘Unfortunately I don’t drink, matured to perfection like a fine well bodied wine,’ while another agreed, saying: ‘Ur like a fine wine.’ 

One user was blown away by Erikka’s looks, saying: ‘You still got it honey x you’re lush and you have natural beauty and a body to die for x.’

Another commenter wrote, ‘I’m digging those shoes,’ while a fellow fan said, ‘And I thought wow.’  

People have been generally applauding Erikka for showcasing her ‘gorgeous’ figure and have been showering her with admiration – but some were left feeling unsettled by her age 

Some users, however, were unsettled by Erikka’s age in regards to her choice of outfits, with one writing: ‘How embarrassing.’

Another said: ‘Rough as a robber’s dog. Why do pensioners feel they are much better than they really are?’ 

Erikka has joined some of the few middle-aged female influencers famed for their striking good looks, toned bodies and ‘timeless’ style. 

Another woman, dubbed the ‘world’s hottest grandma’ in 2022, revealed the secrets to her ageless looks – from drinking coconut water to cryotherapy.

Gina Stewart, 52, from The Gold Coast, regularly hits the headlines due to her ‘youthful glow’, having even been compared to former Playboy model Pamela Anderson, who is just a few years older at 56.

The grandmother-of-one, who has 340,000 followers on Instagram, has now revealed the secrets to her age-defying looks, from drinking coconut water and having a cold shower daily to trying cryotherapy to get rid of the ‘traces of time.’

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