People share photos of times they've been left VERY embarrassed

Don’t celebrate too soon! Hilarious snaps capture people who got carried away – from a premature ‘end of Covid’ party to an unfortunate ‘England World Cup winners 2018’ tattoo

  • People from across globe have shared the times they celebrated too soon
  • Snaps, shared to Bored Panda, include a premature ‘end of Covid’ party
  • One man got ‘England World Cup Winners 2018’ tattooed on his leg prematurely

These hilarious social media posts capture moments when people simply celebrated too soon. 

From a rollerskater who was pipped to the finish line to a premature ‘end of Covid’ party, these overexcited people just got carried away. 

The best examples were shared to Bored Panda, including one optimist who’s ‘happy 2020’ post didn’t age well. 

Elsewhere, a football fan got ‘England World Cup Winners 2018’ tattooed on his leg a little too prematurely…and should’ve just waited for the final results. 

People from all over the world have shared the most embarrassing times they’ve celebrated too early – including one British football fan who must’ve regretted his tattoo after France won the World Cup in 2018

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Another person, from the US, pointed out how unfortunate an article praising the state of Mississippi’s literacy programme was – after they misspelled the name of the state 

A Czech town held a farewell party for the coronavirus pandemic on July 1, but a second wave of cases hit the country three months later

Someone on Twitter said they were wrong about celebrating the new year in 2020 – the year that saw the coronavirus pandemic strike 

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This Colombian rollerblader was caught short when he celebrated before the finish line – giving his nearest rival enough time to speed up and overtake

An excited foodie, believed to be from the from the US, excitedly shared a picture of their lasagna in the oven – only to reveal they dropped it on the floor moments later 

One man in the US boasted about scamming a company to bag a free meal, but regretted it when they blocked him from using his card on their app 

An unlucky US-based cook bragged about making heart-shaped cooking without cookie cutters, but soon ended up regretting it 

In the US, this man wanted to show off his expensive whisky purchase, but a friend captured the exact moment it fell out of the box, ready to smash the ground 

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