People reveal the HARDEST part of being a parent in candid confessions

‘You have to give up your entire self’: Parents open up about the stark reality of raising children in brutally honest confessions – as many admit their struggle to ‘keep it together’

  • Whisper users shared the most challenging aspects of raising children 
  • Many spoke about being unable to protect their child from sickness 
  • Others confessed they often hold back from crying in front of their children 

Many people dream of becoming a mother or father but the reality of raising a child is almost impossible to prepare for, according to very candid confessions by parents.

Speaking anonymously about their experiences on the secrets sharing app, people from around the world revealed the aspects that have been hardest for them. 

A flood of contributors shared the challenge of adapting to never being alone with one poster there’s not much time for anything else after cleaning and cooking.

Others said that it’s hard to stay strong in front of your child when all you want to do is break down in tears, while another commented that it’s a challenge to win your offspring’s trust.  

Parents from around the world spoke anonymously about the hardest aspects of raising a child on Whisper. Many told of the challenge of adapting to having less time for themselves

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An individual who has fought to gain their child’s trust explained why they believe it’s a huge part in building a relationship 

One person revealed the hardest part of being a parent for them has been not allowing their child to see them cry 

Another spoke about the struggle of being unable to protect their child from hurt and feeling guilty for the when they had them 

An individual who says they would give the world for their daughter, confessed not having alone time is slowly tearing them apart

One parent claimed the most challenging part of having a child is raising them to listen and ensuring they don’t grow up behaving entitled 

Another told how interference from grandparents can be a difficult aspect of being a parent 

A parent who hates seeing their child unwell, revealed the heartache of relying on medication and tea to cure them 

One person spoke about the challenge of answering their child’s questions after they hit puberty 

Another revealed they agreed with their mother who once said the hardest part of being a parent is trying not to laugh when you scold your child 

A parent who has realised they can’t even visit the bathroom alone said not having a moment to yourself is the hardest part

One person told of the battle to remain strong and not break down in front of their child 

Another revealed disciplining their child is heartbreaking but they feel it’s a must 

A parent whose children have left home, confessed missing them is the hardest part

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