People are just realising origin of Club sandwich name – and they’re mind-blown

When it comes to food, there's nothing better than a sandwich sometimes.

There's many types of sandwiches out there, from the BLT to the humble ham and cheese.

And the Club sandwich is definitely high up there as one of the tastiest.

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The roll consists of three slices of toasted bread, chicken, bacon, lettuce and topped with mayonnaise.

It is usually cut in triangles and held together with wooden sticks to give it extra flavour.

But everything aside, have you ever wondered where it got its name?

Many people think it originated in New York in the 1980s with one theory saying it was from 19th century clubhouses.

The Saratoga Club House in Saratoga Springs actually claims it introduced the sandwich in 1894.

Now people are left shocked as to where the name actually comes from.

Apparently the Club sandwich is an acronym which stands for "chicken and lettuce under bacon".

And unsurprisingly many people were left mind-blown.

One said: "Really? Never knew that," while another added: "Seriously?! Wow."

A third commented: "That a Club sandwich stands for chicken and lettuce under bacon."

And a fourth posted: "The 'Club' in Club Sandwich stands for chicken + lettuce under bacon *mind blown emoji*.

"Holy s**t. Duh."

But there's still a debate whether it's an acronym or if the Clubhouse named the sandwich.

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Other theories suggest the acronym was first used in the 1990s.

Some say there was no bacon or lettuce when the recipe was first printed in the 1880s.

Realising this after the theory went viral on TikTok, one person commented: "It doesn't, that's just coincidental.

"Its origin is in a golf clubhouse. Hence the name."

Another added: "I thought it was invented at a 'Country Club'."

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