Pawfect Companions! Reese Witherspoon's Cutest Photos With Her Dogs in Honor of International Dog Day

Showing Some Affection

Witherspoon’s bulldog, Lou, is “still working on his social distancing skills” while staying home amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

It’s OK, Lou, you get a pass on the “6-feet away at all times” rule. 

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Totally Thrilled

Don’t get it twisted, this is Lou’s “excited face.” 

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Snack Time

“Everybody likes peanut butter!” Reese and her son Tennessee had a laugh feeding Lou, Pepper and Hank a nutty treat! 

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Treat Pose

Reese worked on her yoga skills with some help from her two very eager instructors, Hank and Lou. 

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New Co-Furker

Do y’all think he was naughty or nice? 

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Super Lou!

One thing’s for sure, Lou’s a good sport! Here he is dressed as Robin for Halloween in 2019. 

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Three Little Pupkins

These pups are ready for some pup-kin spice lattes! 

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Beauty Guru

Everyone needs a pep talk now and then, and Pepper’s no different. Reese made sure to give her a big one as she got her all glammed up. 

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Too Cute For His Own Good

Lou is very cute, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get into trouble. Reese captioned this cute photo, “Pupdate: Lou ate the left corner of a pool float. I guess it was delicious…” 

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Sibling Problems

Pepper is getting used to being the older sibling as her little brother learns his manners! 

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Furry Fashionista

Lou knows a thing or two about fashion. Mostly because he enjoys eating it. “Today, Lou ate my favorite sneaker 👟… but just the left one 🤷🏼‍♀️,” Reese captioned this sweet photo.  

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Begging for Bacon

Pepper couldn’t help but get into her mom’s shot when she had a sneaking suspicion that there was bacon hidden in Reese’s purse. 

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Welcome Home, Little Lou!

Reese welcomed Lou, a blue-eyed bulldog, into her family in June 2019. 

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Down Dog

Pepper is working on perfecting her downward facing dog pose. 

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Wine Time

Reese captioned this photo, “Friends don’t let friends drink alone. Right, Pepper?? 🍷 #WineWednesday #sheprefersred #frenchielove ❤️” 

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Home Sweet Home

Before there was Lou, Reese’s dog Nash was part of the Witherspoon-Toth family. Nash unfortunately passed away in April 2019. 

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Halloween Hound

Pepper makes the cutest Frenchie fry! 

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Summer Sun

Hank looks so relaxed lounging in the sun by the pool. 

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Driver’s Ed

Pepper take the wheel! The French bulldog looks ready to drop the kids off at school. 

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Cuddle Buds

These two are simply the cutest. On National Pet Day in 2017, Reese wrote, “Celebrating our loyal dog Pepper on #nationalpetday! (Enjoying cuddle time with her best friend Tennessee 😄.) She lets us chase her, squish her funny face, and take her picture at least one million.” 

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Furry Friends

Hank and Pepper take a nap together and look absolutely adorable while doing it. 

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