Pandemic-themed pickup lines a popular Tinder trend in 2020

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“Let’s be like the coronavirus and catch each other.”

This and other COVID-19-related pickup lines were a massively popular trend among Tinder users this year, the dating app announced Monday in its “Year in Swipe” review.

Since the pandemic began in March, mentions of “quarantine & chill” and other creative lockdown-inspired one-liners (“Wash your hands so you can come hold mine”) became among the top 10 “essential trends” on the dating app, Tinder reported.

The review goes on to quote a number of clever bios it pulled from real users’ profiles, including “looking for a plus-one for my family Zoom calls,” “looking for someone to pump up my heart rate so my glasses fog with my mask on” and, “A month ago I needed cuddles. But now I need sanitizer and face masks. Could you help me out?”

However, the No. 1 trend slot is support for the Black Lives Matter movement, with mentions of BLM growing 55% in 2020 — surpassing the use of the term “hook-up,” the matchmaking platform reported.

Masks also saw a huge rise in popularity, with mentions of them up 10 times what they were last year. At the same time that face coverings became a “dating essential,” the app reported, writing “Carole Baskin killed her husband” (in reference to the “Tiger King” conspiracy theory) in a profile bio or using it as an icebreaker was a “common deal-breaker.”

Mentions of “vote” doubled this year, with many using the platform to encourage others to cast their ballots. Mentions of the video game series “Animal Crossing” also significantly increased, with a peak in May.

The shrug emoji became the most-used of the year, and Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s track “WAP” became the app’s No. 1 anthem.

And despite the dismal outlook for the winter ahead, singles are trying harder than ever to find love: Users swiped on and messaged each other exponentially more this autumn than they did at the end of February, Tinder wrote.


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