Padma Lakshmi’s Dinner Party Story Involving Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Is Too Funny

From what fans have seen of them on social media, the romance between Chrissy Teigen and John Legend is very much alive. And according to a story from a celebrity who’s seen them in action, that’s still true even when they’re out visiting friends together. During an appearance on Busy Tonight, Padma Lakshmi told a story about Teigen and Legend making out when they came to her house for dinner, and it definitely sounds typical for them.

When the Top Chef star visited Busy Philipps’ show, they talked about how Legend and Teigen have a fairytale romance — and it’s easy to understand how they came to that conclusion, because they are an adorable couple (which is even more apparent after watching them on their holiday special, A Legendary Christmas, which aired earlier this week). And then, Lakshmi shared a story of her own that proves how in love they are, even when they think no one is looking.

Lakshmi said:

PDA is not for everyone, but for Teigen and Legend? Apparently, it works.

And just in case that wasn’t enough to really drive the point home, it would seem that Lakshmi actually shared photographic proof of this moment years ago. On Oct. 3, 2014 — four full years ago and counting — she tweeted out a photo of Legend and Teigen in her yard, with Teigen’s legs propped up on her husband (as the story would suggest) as she scrolled through her phone.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that Lakshmi was talking about a different time that Legend and Teigen were canoodling in her yard, but what are the chances of that happening more than once?

And what’s even better about this is that, back then, Teigen responded and retweeted the photo, during the era where Twitter users were required to use the abbreviation "RT" and copy and pasting the original tweet. This has truly been a trip through time, hasn’t it?

"Amazing food and amazing home!! #DREAMKITCHEN," Teigen wrote.

Teigen has yet to respond to Lakshmi’s most recent retelling of that night, but it wouldn’t be surprising at all if she tweeted about it at some point, knowing her.

It’s sweet to hear that she and Legend are just as in love off of social media as they seem to be on. Of course, it’s impossible to know what really goes on in celebrity relationships, because it’s none of fans’ business and they obviously only share what they want people to see. No relationship is perfect. But like Philipps and Lakshmi said, these two make it easy to believe in the fairytale.

Teigen and Legend, thank you for helping us all keep the idea of true love alive. Where would we be without their adorable photos and posts?

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