Online sellers share hilarious interactions they've had with buyers

That’s rich! Hilarious texts reveal the most hardened hagglers who know no shame when it comes to asking for a discount

  • Bored Panda rounded up online shopping interactions from around the world 
  • Hilarious messages show some hardened hagglers appear to have no shame 
  • One person offered just a quarter of the asking price for an expensive piano
  • Another haggler pursued a cut in price – despite the object being listed for $2  

There’s nothing wrong with a spot of haggling when you’re trying to strike a deal – however these snaps prove some people will go to any lengths to secure a bargain. 

Bored Panda rounded up a selection of hilarious interactions between online sellers and buyers from around the world, revealing some customers seem to have more cheek that they do cash. 

Among the amusing images is a seller who was shocked that someone who recently bought a $90,0000 car claimed they can only afford $15 for a couch advertised for $400, while arguing they should get a discount because they’re ‘friends’. 

One person aggressively sought a discount to a $2 pricetag, while another offered just a quarter of the asking price for an expensive piano. 

Here FEMAIL reveals some of the humorous messages from some of the world’s most hardened hagglers… 

Bored Panda rounded up a selection of interactions between online sellers and buyers from around the world – including one person who wanted to buy a couch worth $400 for just $15

Less isn’t always more! One buyer in the U.S continued to plead for a seller to lower their price, despite already rejecting their original offer 

Another customer accused a seller of wasting their time as they continued to negotiate prices, even after being told the TV has been sold 

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Guilt trip! One woman, believed to be from the US, hoping to buy a piano worth $20,000 for just $5,000 asked the seller to lower their price because she’s a single mother

One person agreed to reduce their price by $300, however a determined buyer offered a baby crocodile in exchange for lowering the amount further 

A buyer pretending to be an FBI agent and threatened to arrest a seller who refused to offer shipping for their laptop

Not good enough! A buyer in the U.S. asked a seller to offer more than their free dishwasher to make collection worth their time 

One person was mocked for not agreeing to reduce their asking price by $70 and drive to another city to deliver the item

Another individual who was selling an item for just $2 was stunned to receive a question from a buyer asking them to negotiate the price 

A buyer who wanted a seller to sell a smart TV for less than half of the asking price, accused the individual of wasting their time for not agreeing to the deal

Another buyer began arguing with a seller who wouldn’t agree to deliver a chest of drawers that they labelled ‘garbage’

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