Off-grid family branded ‘feral’ reported to social services by nosy neighbour

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    Britain’s most off-grid parents have been contacted by social services yet again – seven years after trolls reported them for child cruelty.

    Adele and Matt Allen went viral after their then one-year-old Ostara took a wee live on This Morning in 2016.

    Shocked viewers accused them of raising “feral children” before grassing them to authorities.

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    No issues were found at the time.

    But the family, who live in Brighton, was again surprised by social services in recent days after a neighbour raised safety fears.

    And speaking exclusively to Daily Star, mum-of-three Adele said: “We just had social services called the other day…

    “We have moved into a new neighbourhood and our youngest four-year-old is a bit more volatile than the other two so when she gets emotional she lets the world know about it and makes quite a lot of noise.

    “She has had quite a few crying outbursts and I don’t know exactly what neighbour did it, but someone reported us to social services saying she was an unhappy child.

    “But we have quite a good relationship with social services having been reported by the public before for being in the press or whatever.

    “They completely got it. Just a child being a child. A lot of the time, the people who complain don’t have children themselves so don’t have any idea about child development and realistic expectations of having a child at a certain age.

    “My other two are very quiet and you wouldn’t realise they were there most of the day because they go and do their own thing and are not noisy.”

    She continued: “It is very frustrating. It bothers me more when it is someone who lives a couple doors down and they could just come and knock and talk to you and you could clear it up and you wouldn’t be wasting the precious time of people who are actually trying to save children with real problems.

    “That is what upsets me, they are wasting their time and they are busy people with a good job to do.

    “The authorities have never taken any issue with how we are doing things, it is just generally the public that live a very different lifestyle to us that don’t get it but it’s not meant for everyone.

    “We all have different lifestyles and you should live and let live to a certain extent.”

    Adele and Matt, 39 and 40, live at home with their kids Ulysses, 12, Ostara, eight, and Kai, four.

    They famously “unschool” their offspring who are not vaccinated and are instead given natural and herbal remedies to combat sickness.

    The little ones also have no fixed schedule such as bedtime or meal times.

    But Adele believes her unconventional parenting methods have worked wonders for her children who she said are autonomous and make their own choices.

    But she said that such an approach has led to some inconveniences.

    “We had one incident where we took the middle child to hospital because she had been riding in a friend's car,” she began.

    “He is a farm guy so keeps a lot of animals and he was transporting some hot chilli sauce and it spilled in the car and she touched it and rubbed her eye and we hadn’t realised what had happened.

    “Next thing her eyes are burning so we went and got her checked. But at the time, because she had been playing at an allotment, she was covered in mud, barefoot, no coat, all of that, a bit of a wild child.

    “So we take her to the hospital and they ask the questions of what school they go to, what doctor they are registered to, and because we don’t use schools or doctors, that brings up flags so we had another referral for that one too.

    “When you do live a very alternative lifestyle it does flag up with people that do things conventionally but there was no issue there either.

    “I get the safeguarding and it is better to check rather than not doing any checks and then you end up with a tragedy.”

    While most kids in Britain returned to school this week, Adele’s youngsters stayed at home.

    And the couple remain absolutely convinced that they made the right decision all those years ago.

    Adele said: “I am still as sure about now as I was when we decided to do it.

    “As time goes by, the general mental health in children decreases and for me, from my own experiences, with children that are home educated in comparison to children in the school system, I think they are a lot more happy and settled.

    “They are allowed to follow their own path and they don’t have the pressures and expectations of the school system.

    “I have no regrets at all.”

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