New Year’s Eve weather forecast – will rain spoil your celebrations?

Brits looking to see in the New Year outdoors won’t need to worry about rain spoiling the party.

After securing its place one of the warmest year’s on record, 2018 is forecast to end with a dry and sometimes bright day.

And although January 1 might bring rain for the west and Scotland’s northern most reaches, many can expect to nurse a hangover with glimpses of sunshine.

Those looking to end the year on the bank of the River Thames in London will be faced with an overcast day, with temperatures failing to reach above 9C but low chance of rain.

This will be a similar story for revellers in Edinburgh for Hogmanay or in Newcastle for the winter carnival and fireworks.

While the mercury will struggle to reach double figures in both cities, there is little chance of rain beyond midday, according to the Met Office.

Meteogroup has forecast a cloudy but mostly dry December 31 for the UK, with the odd bright spell for central and eastern areas and a gentle breeze.

Tuesday will bring a few spots of rain for the west but there will be bright spells in eastern England.

For people heading to London, AccuWeather meteologists Kristina Pydynowski and Eric Leister wrote: "High pressure is expected to promote calm, dry weather throughout England on Monday evening.

"Low-hanging clouds may blanket London, and patchy fog can form if there are any breaks in the clouds earlier in the day or early evening."

The positive end to the year weather-wise, will follow a weekend of variable conditions with a strong winds and stinging rains set to hit some areas and fog to hit the south on Sunday morning.

Tomorrow will start of cloudy with rain for Scotland and heavy at times in the west.

Northern England will be wet too, although the rain will be mostly light.

Fog aside, southern areas will be overcast with the odd spot of rain. After noon, most areas will become dry with a few bright spells in the east

Met office meteorologist Alex Deakin told the Express “Further north the weather turns a good deal more lively.

“A very blustery start to the weekend particularly in Scotland, some very gusty winds here slowly easing through the morning.

“Outbreaks of rain across northern Scotland too”.

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