‘New Amsterdam’ Fall Finale: [SPOILER] Collapses In Shocking Last Seconds

The ‘New Amsterdam’ fall finale dropped one heck of a twist on us in the final moments. Max got a major blast from the past during the Nov. 27 episode. Here’s what went down.

Max Goodwin is in trouble. In the last seconds of the New Amsterdam fall finale, he collapses on a boat dock after pouring the ashes of his late sister’s heart into the water. He clutches his throat like he can’t breathe before falling down. Georgia rushes to his side and begins screaming for help. The camera pans to a wide shot, and it doesn’t look like help is anywhere close by. This does not look good for Max. Will he die?

Earlier in the episode, Max comes face-to-face with the woman, Sarah, who was given Luna’s heart after she died. Sarah’s heart is failing, and Max goes to great lengths to save her. “You’re a very good brother,” Sarah says to Max, who replies, “Nobody has ever said that to me.” Sarah is given a new heart, but not before Max is given the opportunity to hear his sister’s heart beat for the last time.

Helen tells Max and Georgia about a new clinical trial to treat his cancer. This therapy doesn’t come with debilitating side effects like chemo and radiation, but the therapy might not work. Helen makes it clear that she’d rather Max do the radiation and chemo since they’ve been proven to work. Georgia asks Max what he really wants to do. He knows that chemo and radiation are the better options, but he says they’ll “break” him. He doesn’t want to lose his hearing, his eyesight, or his mind. He wants to take a chance with this clinical trial, and Georgia supports him. New Amsterdam returns in Jan. 2019.

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