‘My dad’s neighbour didn’t move their car from his driveway – so I had it towed’

A man had his dad’s neighbour's car towed after they parked on his private driveway and refused to move their car.

The man shared the admission on Reddit, claiming that his dad allowed his next-door neighbour to park on his drive once.

But the pesky neighbour took liberties and has since continuously used it whenever they want despite the dad putting his foot down.

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When he requested they move the vehicle so that he could use his own vehicle or to have a family visit they flat-out refused.

So the son took drastic action, as reported by The Mirror.

In a post on Reddit, he said: "My dad doesn't drive that much right now, but from time to time he likes to go back to our hometown and just spend the day in the places he and my mum used to go.

"Problem with this is that he can last a month or so without moving the car and thus his neighbours – a married couple in their 20s – use his driveway because they own four cars and don’t have the space.

"My dad doesn't have that much of a problem with it since he leaves his car in the garage and told me that whenever he needs to get it out, he just calls the girl, and she moves the other car.

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"It was fine until a few months ago when apparently the girl is nowhere to be found and the guy is home all day. My dad had asked him a few times to please move the car and the dude just says, ‘yeah, sure', and takes an hour or two to do so, by which point my dad can't drive it because it was already too dark for him to see properly."

He added: "My dad wanted to drive his car but the neighbour had his in my dad's driveway and so he went to ask him to please move it. He said yes, but after 30 minutes of not seeing him, I called someone to get it towed.

"The man obviously freaked out when he saw what was happening and asked what I was doing. Apparently, he doesn’t have the right documentation for the car and can't get it back because he doesn't have the money.

"But man, my dad was doing him a favour and he acted like an entitled p***k."

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Commenters on the post sided with the man, with many insisting his dad was doing his neighbour a favour and he had "overstepped" his boundaries.

One said: "Your dad was doing him a favour, giving him a privilege which he overstepped on. Not to mention if the dude has four cars and can’t park them, then he needs to sell some or find a proper place to store them."

While another added: "This guy was obviously taking advantage of your father's kindness. By your own account, this isn't the first time this guy has taken his time to move the car and left your dad stuck. Clearly being nice wasn't working."

And a third posted: "He was asked politely, didn't do it, so he has to handle the consequences. Not your fault his paperwork wasn't in order, sucks to be him."


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