My boyfriend says I’d be ‘disrespecting him’ if I to go to my best friend’s 21st birthday party

He says we should be together 24/7 if we love each other, but I feel trapped.

He is 26, I am 21 and we have been together for a year. He is very controlling and gets angry if I want to see family or friends.

I lied and told my mate I couldn’t go because I was working late.

I feel so guilty. I was just trying to keep the peace with my boyfriend.

He says it is because he loves me but I’ll lose all my friends if I stay in this relationship much longer.

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DEIDRE SAYS: You know you need to end this relationship – so what is holding you back?

If you are frightened of how he will react, organise for a responsible friend or relative to be there and help you get moved out. My leaflet Abusive Partner gives details of where to get support if needed.

If you are hanging in there because you are scared of being single, embrace this as an important and strengthening experience in life.

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