Mum's two-ingredient deodoriser leaves shoe cupboard smelling amazing

Mum shares her VERY simple recipe for DIY ‘deodoriser’ that leaves cupboards smelling fresh and clean – without using any chemicals

  • A mum has shared her recipe for a DIY ‘deodoriser’ that leaves cupboards fresh
  • It requires just two ingredients – uncooked rice and a few drops of essential oil
  • The rice and oil should be shaken in a glass jar and left in the corner of the press
  • Australian woman Mila claims it’s a ‘chemical-free’ way to eliminate odours

Closets and cupboards can be kept fresh with a DIY ‘deodoriser’ made from uncooked rice and a few drops of essential oil, a mother has revealed.

The recipe was shared on TikTok by Australian parenting blogger Mama Mila, who claims it’s a clever way to eliminate odours without spraying toxic chemicals.

In the video, the mum-of-two, from Melbourne, pours rice into a glass jar and adds 10 drops of sweet-smelling oil on top, then covers it with a lid before shaking the contents together.

‘Try this one out for your shoe closet,’ Mila wrote in the caption.

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In the video, Melbourne parenting blogger Mama Mila pours rice into a glass jar (left) and adds 10 drops of essential oil (right), then covers it with a lid before shaking the contents together

Replying to comments under the clip, she said the jar should last ‘four to six months’ depending on the size of the room or closet it’s placed in.

Uncooked rice is a natural deodoriser that absorbs smells, flavours and moisture that hang in the air.

Its moisture-absorbing properties also prevent silver from tarnishing, which is why some people keep a small muslin bag of rice at the back of their cutlery drawer.

Mila’s video drew delighted responses after it was posted online with comments including ‘this is amazing’ and ‘I will definitely be trying this’. 

‘You’re a genius!’ one woman replied.

Another said she was ‘very smart’ and thanked her for sharing a natural alternative to toxic household sprays.

And it’s not the first time the Melbourne mother has shared handy home tips on social media.

In June, Mila shared another video revealing her five-step cleaning regime for achieving hotel-style bedding.

First, she strips the bed, removing sheets and throws so she can vacuum the mattress. This removes dirt and grim lurking out of sight.

Next, she mixes baking soda with essential oil and sprinkles it over the mattress, leaving it to soak for a few hours to infuse a sweet scent.

While the mattress soaks, Mila washes sheets and pillowcases with half a cup of white vinegar to enhance brightness.

She also adds baking soda and forgoes fabric softener to avoid residue caking onto her linen.

Once everything is dry, she remakes the bed with clean sheets and spritzes natural linen spray to leave it fresh for days to come.

What are the five steps to the perfect night’s sleep?

Mila shared her five-step cleaning regime for hotel-style bed linen

1. Strip your bed and vacuum your mattress.

2. Mix baking soda with essential oil in a glass container and then sprinkle the mixture over your mattress.

3. Wash your linen and sheets at the same time, and wash pillows and duvet covers every three to six months, leaving them to dry outside ideally.

4. Vacuum up the excess baking soda and re-make your bed.

5. Finish with linen spray.

Source: Mama Mila 

In June, Mila impressed millions with her five-step cleaning regime for hotel-style bed linen 

‘Treat yourself to a good night’s sleep with this spring cleaning hack,’ Mila wrote in the caption.

Over two million people have watched the clip, with hundreds posting comments about how much it has changed their bedroom cleaning regime.

‘Legit [sic] trying this right now,’ one woman said.

A second who followed the advice suggested leaving sheets and doona covers to dry outside instead of tumble drying them for a fresher finish.

‘Oh my god, just looking at this I would never want to leave the bed,’ added a third.

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