Mum’s ‘life-changing’ hack to buy kids their school shoes

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Terry Wheatley, whose five children are all under ten years old and detest shoe shopping, says that buying her kids back-to-school footwear used to be a difficult task. The 33-year-old would have to take her kids shoe shopping separately over a five-day period, costing her a fortune in petrol.

However, she found her own way around this by making stencils of each of her children’s feet.

Harry, 10, Eloise, eight, Edith, six, Noah, four, and even five-month-old Tommy all stood on a piece of cardboard, which was then drawn around to get the accurate size and shape of their feet.

She would then take the cardboard cut-outs to Tesco and buy all her children’s shoes in one quick trip.

Terry, from Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, said: “Shoe shopping is one of the most stressful activities with five kids, so I thought I’d make my life easier.

“I know what style of shoes they all like so it was quite easy once I went into the shop. They have worn the shoes around the house and all of them fit like a glove.

The genius mum shared her hack on TikTok where she discovered many other parents had been using the trick to avoid painful shopping trips.

Terry also developed other useful life hacks with her husband, Matthew Wheatley, 36.

Some of their other family tips include batch cooking meals and freezing individual portions to make dinner time much easier.

She also has daily clothes drawers for each day of the week.

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