Mum’s false claim about her baby’s nappy means nursery have to call in police

A nursery called in police after a mum falsely claimed online her baby’s nappy had not been changed for four hours.

The unfounded accusation prompted a flood of threats and abuse on social media.

The furious mum posted a public video which she claimed proved the sodden nappy her child was wearing was the same one she had been sent to nursery in.

Rainbows Private Nursery in Newport, south east Wales, was then flooded with messages unfairly branding them "disgusting” and “absolutely disgraceful”.

The abuse got so bad that nursery management contacted police who intervened and arranged for the post to be removed.

But that was not before a nursery with the same name 420 miles away in Scotland also started receiving abuse.

Rainbows Nursery, which was judged as an “affectionate” learning environment in a recent inspection, has declined to make an official comment. But insiders insist the woman’s claims were completely false.

The woman went on social media on Monday with her claim, writing: "With suspicion that they were not changing her nappy I figured a way I could find out for sure."

She posted photos of her marking the nappy that was put on her daughter before nursery and then filmed the sodden nappy she took off later in the day, claiming it showed the same marks.

She also posted a card from the nursery which showed the nappy had been changed at 3.25pm and 4.50pm.

Her claims unleashed a torrent of abuse against the nursery and staff.

Tempany Kate-Fox said: “This is disgusting! When they are taking five minutes to write down lies that she’s had her nappy changed. They could of been changing it.”

Chelsea Borg wrote: “How do they have the cheek to call you a liar!”

Jordanna Saunders said: “This is absolutely disgraceful, as nursery nurse myself I know your daughter should of at least been changed twice before you picking her up.

“Absolutely disgusting that they failed to maintain hygiene.”

Rainbow Nursery in Glenrothes, Fife, which is completely unconnected, started to receive messages from concerned parents.

They posted: “I would like to confirm that a negative post has been shared on Facebook regarding a nursery called ‘Rainbows’. This is nothing to do with Rainbow Nursery Fife.”

An insider at Rainbows confirmed: "We called the police because of the terrible comments and threats being made towards the staff. Some of their names were even mentioned.

"We have the dirty nappies as she is the only parent that buys that specific type. The parent received her full deposit back."

A spokesman from Gwent Police said: “At approximately 6.05pm on Monday, 26th November 2018, we received reports of harassment directed at staff at a nursery in Somerton Lane, Newport.

“Officers attended at an agreed time the following day in order to discuss the matter, which regarded a social media post which staff claimed has caused them alarm, harassment and distress.

“As part of the investigation, officers spoke with nursery staff and a woman identified as being behind the post in question.

"Part of the post had already been removed before police attendance, while the rest was taken down voluntarily following conversations with officers.

“No criminal action has been taken at this time. Social Services and the Healthcare Inspectorate have been informed.”

A recent Childcare Inspection Report on Rainbows Private Nursery published in March 2018 by the Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales said: “We found that the care of the children continued to be good; relationships with the staff caring for them were warm, mutually respectful and affectionate.”

“We found that the children attending the nursery presented as being happy, occupied and well stimulated.

"Children enjoy their time as they are able to engage in a range of activities that are appropriate for their age and stages of development.”

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