Mum sparks debate after saying only ‘well-off’ people have real Christmas trees

As Christmas is creeping up around the corner, many Brits will be decorating their homes to spread festive cheer.

And since millions will be jazzing up their trees, one woman caused a debate when she claimed only "wealthy" people buy real ones.

The woman says she's only ever bought a fake tree as she believes it's the "wealthy" and "middle class" people who bother with it.

Although she grew up in a working class family, the Scottish mum didn't know anyone had a real tree until a discussion at work.

Sharing her opinion on popular parenting website Mumsnet, the woman sparked a heated debate about Christmas trees.

She said: "It seemed to be that there was a bit of 'snobbery' against those who had artificial trees (maybe that's just where I work)."

She added: "There were those who said artificial trees were just TERRIBLE for the environment.

"Given that most people I know have had their tree for many years, is this really true?

"Cutting down live trees is okay for the environment? I have never had a real tree.

"Growing up I didn't know anyone who had a real tree and in our circles it was usually only the well off people who had real trees."

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The mum continued: "Apologies if this offends anyone, it was just my experience as a child growing up in working class Scotland.

"Some people at work looked horrified at the thought of having a 'plastic' tree."

The woman told how she spent a fortune on a lovely fake tree a few years ago which she still uses today.

She concluded: "What does everyone else have? Do you judge people with fake trees?"

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The mum's post caused quite a stir with over 590 users commenting on the Mumsnet discussion.

One wrote: "Working class, always had a real tree."

Another added: "I wouldn't give any thought to someone's social or financial status in regards to what tree they have. Seems bonkers."

A third admitted: "Middle class always had a real tree. I think there is a lot of snobbery. I love the smell of a real tree."

While a fourth said: "I grew up in a single parent household, on benefits and in poverty.

"We always had a real tree. IIRC it used to cost £5-£10."

Meanwhile a fifth claimed: "I have real, but wouldn't sneer at someone with artificial.

"I have no space in the house to store an artificial tree for the rest of the year."

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