Mum outraged after baker makes 'sad' cake for her daughter's birthday

I asked for this cake for my daughter’s first birthday – you won’t believe what the baker delivered

  • Mum shocked by hysterical cake mix-up
  • A baker made a cake that looked nothing like what she wanted  

A mum has shared her confusion after she received a cake that looked nothing like what she asked for from a baker for her daughter’s birthday. 

The woman wanted a tall pink-ombre drip cake topped with macaroons and strawberries for her daughter’s first birthday party and gave a reference picture to the baker who said they could complete the order. 

However, when she received the dessert, she was dismayed to find a tiny cake with no toppings, poorly iced decorations and messy drip icing. 

The disgruntled mum had a friend pick up the disappointing cake so she didn’t see it until moments before the party but thankfully later got a refund. 

She shared the hysterical ‘mess’ on the What I Asked For VS What I Got Facebook page leaving hundreds in stitches. 

Expectation vs Reality: A Mum was left furious after she ordered a tall pink-ombre drip cake for her daughter’s birthday from a baker but received nothing like what she asked for

‘My friend had picked it up on the way to the party so I wasn’t able to check it over before using it. Even if I had, the party was right then,’ the mum recalled. 

‘The bakery was a local large grocery store. I had shown them a photo of the cake I wanted. I received a full refund. We had also ordered some donut holes that were forgotten.’

She added the incident took place five years ago but shared the cake fail as she thought it was hilarious. 

One viewer said she thought her kids could do a better job than the baker and another laughed: ‘Looks like it is made of Play-Doh’. 

‘Honestly how did the baker look and that and say ‘yup, it looks the same!’ Or at least similar! I can understand the difficulty of recreating someone else’s work but sheeeeesh that ain’t it,’ a third replied. 

‘Is the cake on a diet? Like two thirds of it is missing…’ someone else joked while another used added: ‘I am in shock’. 

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