Mum devastated after just two people RSVP to her son's birthday party

‘I’m just so deflated’: Mum is left devastated after just TWO people RSVP to her little girl’s Frozen themed birthday party

  • An Australian mum has been left deflated after nobody RSVP’d for party
  • The party was for her three-year-old daughter over the Easter long weekend
  • She said just two people bothered to let her know they could come to the event

An Australian mum has been left devastated after only two people bothered to RSVP for her three-year-old daughter’s Frozen themed birthday party.

The mum posted on Facebook over the weekend to vent and ask ‘why it is so hard to RSVP to a party’. 

She went on to say it was the day before the party and only two people had responded to the invitation.

‘I am just feeling really deflated,’ she admitted.

An Australian mum has been left devastated after only two people bothered to RSVP for her three-year daughter’s party

And others agreed.

‘Oh it is my biggest pet peeve for parties. I don’t understand why it is so hard to send a text yes or no,’ one mum said.

One mum said there are no excuses for not RSVPing.

‘My girls have brought two invites home this week and I rsvp’d to both the day we got them, wrote the dates, time and place in my diary so I don’t forget, the girls then put the invites on the fridge. Took me all of three minutes to do all this on busy after school days,’ she said.

And others said it doesn’t matter how many people turn up.

‘Learn now that parties are for your child. It doesn’t matter if one friend shows up or 50. She’s worth all the effort and stress you’ve put into planning it,’ one mum said.  

But some people admitted they are the serial RSVP forgetter and always send reminders out because they need them too.

‘It’s not to annoy people, I just forget. If I know we can make it I RSVP straight away when I get the invite. But if it goes on the fridge or if it’s an online invite chances are once I put it down I’ll forget,’ one woman said.

‘I usually send out a message a few days before the RSVP cut off to remind people like me,’ she said. 

Another mum agreed and said messaging the mums to see if their kids are coming is the only way to get around the problem.


Is it ever okay not to RSVP to a birthday invitation?

Is it ever okay not to RSVP to a birthday invitation?

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‘You are going to need all their numbers anyway,’ she added.

But others didn’t see why they should have to chase people up. 

‘They can’t even bother to text, why should I nag? It’s not hard to give the host a heads up,’ one mum said.

But a mum of twins with three kids under two said she needs all the reminding she can get and is happy to go to birthday parties, but forgets about them. 

Others agreed texting is a great way to go because invites get lost.

‘I know from experience with my 7 year old grade 2 I don’t actually receive the invite. He tells me he’s invited. I ask for the invite, he says he lost it or find it in his bag wet or something,’ one mum said. 

Recently another mum was left devastated after only eight kids showed up to her daughter’s birthday despite 25 invites going out.

A mum has shared a photo of the beautiful unicorn cake she got for her daughter’s 5th birthday party – and revealed most of the girl’s friends didn’t show up

The mum posted on Facebook to see if she was being overly-emotional or if others found the rejection rude as well.

‘Only about 10 people RSVP’d, and then only eight kids turned up. Out of 25,’ she said.

The mum-of-two said the party was only an hour and a half long, the weather was beautiful and  weekend sport hasn’t yet started, leaving her confused as to why no-one bothered to show up.

‘I just feel really disheartened, and next time will only invite a few close friends, because honestly, its not worth the effort,’ she said.

She also shared a picture of a beautiful unicorn cake made for her daughter, to share with a class-full of friends who didn’t show.

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