Mrs Hinch superfan, 14, dubbed Britain's tidiest teen

Schoolgirl Lola Lawrence is Britain’s tidiest teen according to her mum.

The 14-year-old, from South London, has just one hero – cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch.

Inspired to launch a little Hincher Instagram account in January, Lola’s page is now regularly scoured for tidy tips by her 1,370 followers.

Lola devotes six hours a week to sprucing up the family home – without being asked to.

The youngster even polishes her gleaming bathroom during FaceTime cleaning get-togethers with her pals.

Lola’s mum, operations manager Stephanie, 40, said: ‘Her idea of a fun day  is staying at home to clean.

‘One Friday evening,  I found Lola in the bathroom cleaning while she was on FaceTime to her cousin – who was cleaning her bathroom, too. They were both having a whale of a time.

‘I was all for it. Of course she can crack on and clean the bathroom – it’s saving me a job!’

Lola became a domestic goddess after her best pal introduced her to Sophie Hinchcliffe, aka Mrs Hinch, who had just shot to fame after sharing her cleaning routine.

The teenager will now happily devote an entire day to washing clothes and more.

She said: ‘I’d never even heard of her before, but I’ve always loved home interiors, so when I saw her account, I realised I wanted my home to look exactly like hers one day.

‘I really liked her as a person, too. She’s very honest about her life – the good parts and the bad.

‘Some people admire Beyonce or Ariana Grande, but the person I admire is Mrs Hinch.’

After watching her daughter try out every cleaning regime Mrs Hinch posted, Stephanie bought Lola a cleaning caddy inspired by her idol and filled it with all the top influencers’ go-to products.

Some of the favourites included Flash, The Pink Stuff, a Minky, and Scrub Daddy Scrubbers.

After that, Lola regularly dragged her mum to Home Bargains or B&M, so she could spend her pocket money on the latest cleaning products and homeware.

She said: ‘Sometimes I get £10 or £20 pocket money – it depends what chores I’ve done that week, so it can vary.

‘I love going straight to the cleaning aisle. Looking at all the new products makes me really happy, even though Mum takes the mick because I can get excited over a bottle of bleach.

‘I follow lots of other home accounts, as well as Mrs Hinch and, while they’ll spend £50 on a little lantern or on candles, I’ve managed to find items that look exactly the same in Poundland.’

Organisation is the key to keeping a clean and tidy home, according to the teen guru, who has a Mrs Hinch activity journal, in which she ticks off her to-do list.

When Lola launched her Instagram page, at first she kept it anonymous to avoid being teased by classmates.

But soon she realised her friends liked Hinching and decided to attach her name to the account.

Sometimes she shares tips she has learned from fellow Hinchers, as well as posting about discoveries she has made.

She added: ‘I’m also hoping to make more videos of me hoovering, as well as a montage video of me cleaning out the washing machine – a task that is often forgotten about.’

Lola – who has experienced anxiety since her parents parted when she was 11 – says cleaning has helped to control her nerves.

‘When my mum and dad split up, I found it really difficult,’ she said.

‘I’d just feel anxious and a bit nervous a lot of the time and Hinching really eases it.’

Lola, who is considering a future working in either law or fashion, unless her Instagram becomes bigger than Mrs Hinch’s, received the ultimate seal of approval when her idol became a follower.

‘I was invited to take part in a video with other Hinchers just to say thank you to Mrs Hinch for how she’d inspired us all,’ explained Lola.

‘The video was sent to Mrs Hinch, who saw it and followed me back on Instagram.

‘It was the most surreal moment – I was a bit overwhelmed by it and could barely sleep for the next few days, I was just so excited.’

Lola continued: ‘Hinching is about much more than just cleaning – it’s a great community of brilliant people, who all support each other. It’s really helped me, and I’d recommend it to anyone.’

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