Mrs Hinch shows off huge Christmas Home Bargains haul including inexpensive decorations

Mrs Hinch has unveiled her shopping bag full of Christmas goodies as she prepares the family home for the holiday season.

Real name Sophie Hinchcliffe, the 32 year old social media sensation invited her 4.6 million Instagram followers behind-the-scenes on Sunday, following her spree in Home Bargains.

Excited to decorate one of the Christmas trees with her young sons Ronnie and Lennie, which she plans to later plonk in their shared playroom, she opened an Insta Stories video thread by focussing on the aforementioned retailer's Santa Claus carrier bags.

"I love 'em!" declared Mrs Hinch, with twinkly Christmas music going off in the background. "I've still got some of these from last year aswell…"

Moving on, she explained: "This is a serving platter, but it's a sleigh. Love that!", before switching the focus to a pack of red baubles.

"I'm actually gonna put them on a tree in their playroom this year – it's the tree that was on our landing in our old house. I think it will fit in there perfectly."

The next segment was dedicated to showing off some colour-your-own placemats for the Christmas Day table, which she hoped would distract her sons from disrupting the meal.

Then came three miniature nutcrackers that will hang nicely on the branches of the Christmas tree, while this year's edition of 'Elf on the Shelf' was given an upgrade with his very own little wooden door to creep behind.

A traditional tree isn't complete without a few bells, though, as Mrs Hinch informed her followers with the appropriate visuals: "I hung one on the back of my dining room chair just now, just to see what it looks like.

"So good! I might even use them on the fireplace yet…"

It seems like the internet personality, who's been married to former sales manager Jamie Hinchcliffe since 2018, is hoping to impress her elders too, as she couldn't contain the thrill of buying a Nutcracker Book shortbread tin – "My nan is gonna love this!"

Mini paper chains, a selection of different tree picks, red velvet bows and a triple-wick candle completed her haul.

"I can't wait to do it with them! I can't wait for them to just enjoy chucking everything on there and just seeing how it goes," commented Mrs Hinch of her and her two sons' upcoming tree-decorating session.

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