Mrs Hinch fans discover top tip to stop clothes smelling musty – and it’s totally free

Cleaning guru Mrs Hinch has a cult following on social media and her devoted fans often swap top cleaning and tidying tips of their own.

And her fans, who recently shared a laundry hack, claim there’s an easy fix to clothes smelling of damp, a common issue caused by air drying garments when it’s a little bit chilly outside.

One user took to Facebook, where more than 600,000 Mrs Hinch fans congregate to exchange advice, to ask: “I’ve been reading some posts recently about how people dry their clothes in winter because I also really struggle with this.

"When I put them on my airers, they end up with a terrible musty smell and I end up washing them again because of the bad smell. How do you stop the clothes from drying musty?”

The frustrated woman finished her post by saying: “I must be doing something wrong, somewhere.”

But, luckily, the other members rushed to help her out – and they all shared a common piece of advice.

One wrote: “Hang on an airer and spread out if possible, hang stuff on hangers in front of radiators or open the window when it’s mild.”

Others remarked that it can be useful to open the window to let the moisture escape, but that they understand that this can be a little tricky when it’s cold outside.

Another said that they “usually rotate my washing half way through drying,” and seconded the hint that it should be “all spread out.”

This seemed to be the most common tip offered on the site, with various members emphasising that overloading airers and putting clothes too close together is most likely what’s behind the unpleasant stench.

And the original poster wasn’t the only person that found the thread useful, with one Facebook user writing: “I didn’t even know putting too many clothes on the airer was causing a musty smell. I invested in scent boosters, nice smelling detergent and it did nothing.”

One common tip for drying clothes in winter without using the expensive tumble dryer that’s often shared on the group is to give your clothes an extra spin in the washing machine to ensure that they are as dry as possible when you hang them up.

With these nuggets of wisdom and more that they share on the page, it should be easy for fans of Mrs Hinch – whose real name is Sophie Hincliffe – to emulate the influencer’s well kept home even if they’re reluctant to switch on their tumble dryers.


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