Mother of bride slated as outfit for daughter’s wedding looks like ‘lingerie’

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    Wedding guests might sometimes struggle to find a dress for someone's special day.

    There's some rules people should never forget, like wearing white is a definite no-no.

    Now one woman caused a stir as the outfit she had for her daughter's nuptials turned out to be slightly inappropriate.

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    Taking to Reddit, a wedding guest shared a snap of the mum's questionable fit which sparked a huge debate online.

    Some questioned whether it was lingerie, while others felt as though there was "no problem" with the gown.

    The dress featured sheer grey lace from the waist up which was complimented with a corset design.

    As for the chest, it featured a sweetheart and strapless neckless.

    While admitting the dress was "beautiful" the user wasn't convinced it was suitable for a mother of the bride.

    They captioned the post: "Beautiful dress but… for a mother of the bride… I don't know about that."

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    Many people were questioning the dress, as one said: "Well, first, it looks like lingerie.

    "Second, it's so silvery it looks white. And third, not sure what kind of wedding it is but looks very formal."

    Another added: "No way it looks too much like a wedding dress in colour and style."

    Meanwhile other Reddit users on the forum had different opinions.

    The person said: "A bride will help their mums choose an outfit so if the bride was cool with it then no worries."

    A second added: "It's a bit much in my opinion but if the bride is on with it then no problems with it.

    "I can totally see if the bride is wearing more over the top or something non-traditional how this could work."

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