Mother-in-law caught wearing bride-to-be's wedding dress in secret

Picture this: The man or woman of your dreams gets down on one knee and pops that ‘forever’ question and you couldn’t be more excited to begin the rest of your lives together.

You set about planning every last detail of your big day from the guest list to the cake to the venue to your dress.

After all, saying yes to the dress is one of the most magical and exciting parts of the wedding build up for many.

But for one bride-to-be, her future mother-in-law wants to be the one wearing it, and after she caught her trying the dress on after she expressly told her she couldn’t, it looks like the wedding is hanging in the balance.

The future bride took to Reddit and wrote: ‘So, I’m getting married to my fiancé soon. I bought my wedding dress weeks ago. My future mother-in-law kept pestering me about trying it on but I firmly refused.

‘I finally shut it down after she offered me $100 (£78) to let her try it on. Her reasoning for persisting so much? She says it’s because of her “love” for wedding dresses and her obsession with them.

‘Fast forward to yesterday, I came home from work early and I found my fiancé at home. He freaked out after seeing me and tried to prevent me from going into my room while trying to text somebody on his phone.

‘I opened the door and was shocked to see his mum standing there wearing my dress. I instantly pulled out my phone and took a photo of her in it.

‘She and my fiancé freaked out after I told her that she needed to pay me for a new dress in three days or else I’ll show the whole family the photo.

‘She started crying and then left and my fiancé blew up at me saying I can’t be serious and that I overreacted because his mom just wanted to try the dress on, no harm done.

‘But I refused to listen to him because in my opinion, the dress should only be worn by the bride and the bride only.

‘Quite frankly, I felt disgusted looking at the dress again, I don’t want it anymore. And so I think it’s fair that she pays me after she ruined it for me.

‘He yelled at me and told me to wake up and stop treating his mom like that as if she was an enemy. We had a fight after he failed to get me to back down and he’s been staying with his mom since then.

‘I felt awful, but I spent 3k on this dress and worked hard to get it. I can’t stand looking at it, but people in my family think I’m escalating things and risking my relationship with not only future mother-in-law but my fiancé as well.’

The internet was firmly in the bride’s camp on this one, agreeing that the mother-in-law’s actions were out of order, however they took more of an issue with her fiancé’s actions.

One commenter wrote: ‘Are you sure you want to marry this guy? He stood guard outside your bedroom so that his mother could try on your wedding dress. Do you think he will ever stand up for you against her?’

Another agreed and said: ‘The problem isn’t just your future mother-in-law. It’s your fiancé.

‘He let her in. He was going to lie and hide from you that she tried it on. He is defending her actions. He disrespected your belongings. He didn’t care about your feelings and still doesn’t. He has shown he doesn’t care about your boundaries.

‘He decided his mother’s want to try it on is more important than your feelings, and that won’t go away when you’re married.

‘Personally? My petty self would call off the engagement, and the announcement of that would be the picture of his mom in the wedding dress stating, “Unfortunately, I can not marry ______. It appears he’s already married and emotionally committed to his mother”.’

The future bride updated Reddit with a recent development saying her fiancé wants to ‘end the conflict’. She wrote: ‘My fiancé called and offered to pay for the dress himself so we can “end the conflict”.’

But her partner seemed to have a list of demands she meet before they can reconcile.

She added: ‘He wants me to hand him my phone so he can delete the photo himself. Swear that I don’t have any copies to “use” against his mom later. Apologize to his mom, and lastly, he asked that I quit his family group chat and log out of Facebook for at least a month.

‘I haven’t responded yet. He called with this offer/conditions hours ago. Also, I’m not sure if I’ll agree because I don’t want him to pay for it, I want his mom, the one who wore it to pay for it. Not being vicious but trying to hold her accountable.’

We don’t know about you but this wedding sounds like it’s on the rocks. As one commenter put it: ‘This could be the best (non) wedding present you ever get.

‘He’s just shown you he’ll always side with her. You want this for the rest of your life? Think long and hard before saying “I do”.’

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