Mother breastfeeds her son despite DOCTORS telling her to stop

Mother continues to breastfeed her 18-month-old son despite DOCTORS telling her to stop after she developed mastitis – and insists she won’t quit until he weans himself

  • Summer Dawn Pointer, 22, from Georgia, was determined to breastfeed her son
  • Five weeks after Knox’s birth in May 2017 she developed mastitis symptoms 
  • Doctors prescribed her antibiotics and urged her to stop breastfeeding
  • But Summer refused and said she won’t stop until 18-month-old Knox is ready

A mother has continued to breastfeed her toddler son despite doctors urging her to stop when she developed mastitis. 

Summer Dawn Pointer, 22, from Georgia, was determined to nurse son Knox after his birth in May 2017. 

When he was five weeks old, Summer noticed a red knot on her right breast and was later diagnosed with mastitis, a condition which causes the tissue to become painful and inflamed. 

Determined: Mother Summer Dawn Pointer continues to breastfeed 18-month-old son Knox, pictured together, despite suffering from breast inflammation caused by mastitis 

Proud: Summer insists she will continue nursing Knox until he is ready to wean himself

Painful: A photo of Summer’s inflamed breast before the abscess was surgically removed

The new mother was encouraged by a doctor to stop breastfeeding but continued despite the warning – and insists she won’t stop until her 18-month-old son weans himself. 

She said: ‘I plan to breastfeed Knox until he’s at least two-years-old or older if he decides to go longer than that. I will stop whenever he is ready to self-wean.’ 

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When Summer was first diagnosed with mastitis, she was prescribed a course of antibiotics. 

After they failed to treat the condition, Summer was referred to a breast surgeon to remove the painful abscess that had formed on her breast. 

‘She [the surgeon] wanted me to quit breastfeeding, but I cried and cried and told her we had to try something else besides that,’ Summer continued. 

Inflamed: The abscess on Summer’s right breast which was later surgically removed. The breast surgeon encouraged the new mother to stop nursing but she refused

Support: Summer said her boyfriend is fully behind her decision to continue breastfeeding

‘So, she gave me the strongest antibiotics I could get, and I took two scripts [prescriptions] of it before she finally just lanced out the abscess.

‘It affected how much milk I was producing, I couldn’t nurse my son off of the breast because it could’ve made the infection worse.’

Summer said that despite the risks, she continues to breastfeed Knox eight to 10 times a day.

Difficulties: Summer revealed the breast surgery affected how much milk she was producing

Taking a stand: Summer encourages other mothers to breastfeed in social media posts

She said: ‘I breastfeed anywhere, anytime. In the beginning I was a little nervous to just because it was hard latching him but after time it became easier. I’ve gotten plenty of weird looks.

‘My boyfriend’s family used to say he was too old but they know I’m not going to quit until he’s ready so they don’t comment anymore. 

‘My oldest sister and mom, Andre, are very supportive as well as my boyfriend.’

‘Breast is best’: Summer believes in the health benefits of breast milk for children

Summer, who posts about breastfeeding on Instagram, said she receives mainly positive comments from followers but that she is criticised by some for insisting ‘breast is best’. 

‘Breast milk is better for him then cow’s milk and if other moms aren’t going to help wean him then it’s none of their business,’ she said. 

She added: ‘I hope to encourage more moms especially new moms to breastfeed and stick to it.

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