Most mispronounced words of 2021 include Salt Bae and Italy captain’s name

It's normal for us to pronounce things differently to one another.

Take Ikea for example, many have been pronouncing the Swedish retailer all wrong.

While a debate kicked off with Nutella as the correct way of saying the brand was revealed.

But now to round off this year, language learning app Babbel has looked into the trending words we struggled with in 2021.

The British Institute of Verbatim Reporters found the words newsreaders and TV presenters have struggled with too.

Words to make the list include the hottest restaurateurs of the year and even footballers.

So scroll down and take a look at this list!

Dalgona (tal-goh-nah)

This word became popular after the release of Netflix's Squid Game.

It is the Korean treat made with melted sugar and baking soda (yes who doesn't remember that licking scene?)

To say it, some seem to pronounce a "K" instead of the "G" in the middle syllable.

Giorgio Chiellini (JYOR-jyo kyi-LEE-nee)

Remember when we thought it was coming home this year?

The 2021 Euros certainly brought a lot of hope when England made it to their first final in 55 years.

Their opponents Italy scooped the title in a nail-biting penalty shootout on July 11.

But before we lost it then and there, captain Giorgio Chiellini was involved in a foul on England winger Bukayo Saka.

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Gina Coladangelo (JEE-nah co-lah-DAN-gelo)

This could be one of the biggest scandals of 2021 when then-Health Secretary Matt Hancock was caught kissing his political aide.

Their affair led to Hancock's resignation amid national outcry as images of the pair breaking social distancing rules emerged.

Both were married and Hancock had imposed a nationwide lockdown, oh yes how can we forget?

Nusr-Et (nus-RET)

London's hottest new restaurant owned by Nusret Gökçe (Salt Bae) was opened in September.

While most of us know him as Salt Bae, his real name is Nusret Gökçe Erzurum.

He charges £1,450 for a Golden Giant Tomahawk steak and a single Coca Cola will set you back £9 at his high-profile joint.

Shein (SHEE-in)

The Chinese fashion company creates copies of trending styles at low prices.

People began creating viral "Shein haul" videos where they showed off all the items they purchased from the brand.

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