Molly-Mae makes a return to long lengths with nano bond hair extension makeover

When Molly-Mae Hague does, well, anything to her hair, we instantly pay attention. The 23 year old has been known for her thick and bouncy tresses ever since appearing on Love Island in 2019. In fact, she’s become so known for her hair, we’ve even coined a high bun a “Molly-Mae bun”.

Now, the star has decided to switch up her look again after favouring an extension-free, mid-length chop for quite some time. Heading to the hair salon this week, Molly-Mae excitedly writes on her Instagram Stories that she’s “never been more excited for a hair transformation” in her life, adding: “Let’s go back to blonde”.

The first image Molly-Mae shows fans is a shot of the back of her hair where her dark roots are clearly visible against the bright blonde mid-lengths and ends of her hair. It’s clear from the snap that Molly-Mae hasn’t been for a root touch-up in months as there’s about four inches of regrowth visible – something she jokes about, writing: “THE ROOTS!” with a laughing emoji.

After having her colour refreshed to a full head of cool-toned blonde highlights, Molly-Mae goes on to give an update on the condition of her natural hair.

“Natural hair check. Thickness and length coming along so well. Also, I’ve really missed the full blonde!” she captions the second Story.

The next snap shows Molly-Mae after having nano bond hair extensions fitted. Her hair goes from sitting just below her shoulders in a blunt cut to reaching all the way down to her waist – quite the transformation. She’s also chosen to have her newly-lengthened tresses styled into a classic “Molly-Mae wave”, we assume created using her go-to Beauty Works large barrel tong.

Finally, the star gives her followers a final update on her way back from the salon. “Last one. We used the shade ‘Molly-Mae’ in the nano bonds,” she explains.

The transformation was done by Molly-Mae’s go-to hairstylist Emily Rose Monk, who’s been doing the influencer’s hair since her Love Island days. As Molly-Mae explains, Emily used nano bonds – a professional extension method that uses the smallest ring system available – in her very own shade from Beauty Works.

Now, we just need some long hair styling tips from Molly-Mae!


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