Michigan Farm Wants Your Leftover Christmas Trees to Feed Their Goats: 'They Like the Taste'


Your Christmas tree can have a second life this year — and make some lucky goats very happy!

Michigan’s Lewis Adventure Farm and Zoo has put out the call for leftover trees on social media, asking local residents to consider making a donation, which they'll use as a tasty post-holidays treat for their herd of goats.

"Animals get the winter blues kind of too, so they like anything new and unusual. It's exciting for them," Jenny Ferels, brand ambassador at Lewis, told FOX 17.

"They like the taste of the pine needles," Ferels continued, adding that the natural snack has some health benefits as well. "Pine needles have a lot of Vitamin C in them, so they're getting some vitamins there, and it's a natural de-wormer for goats too."

However, before making a donation, the farm and zoo asks that all decorations be removed from the tree, as they could be harmful to the animals.

"Please no tinsel or flocked trees," they wrote on Facebook, referring to the artificial snow that covers some holiday decorations. "And be sure to remove all decorations."

And when it comes to making good use of the trees, goats don’t let much go to waste.

"You throw it in there and they’re like piranhas. It’s like a feeding frenzy," Stephen Murray, owner of Pine Cobble Farm in Massachusetts — which is also accepting gently-used trees — told the Boston Globe.

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After nomming on the pine needles, Murray told the outlet that the goats will chew the bark off most of the tree.

"Once they finish one tree we take that and compost it and we will give them another tree,' added Christanie Channell, who owns Channell Homestead. "It’s a special treat."

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