Meghan Markle’s pot-farmer nephew: I won’t ‘spew hate’ like rest of family

Not all members of the Markle family think it’s kosher to blast the Duchess of Sussex in the press.

Meghan Markle’s marijuana-farmer nephew, Tyler Dooley — who is starring in the upcoming MTV International reality show “The Royal World” — called his relatives’ negativity toward his famous aunt “an embarrassment.”

“You know what goes on in the media with members of my family and it’s just terrible,” he told the Times of London. “It’s an embarrassment to have family members out there speaking negatively about Meghan, and it’s just something that shouldn’t be reported.”

Dooley, the son of Thomas Markle Jr., Meghan’s half-brother, added, “They continue to give them a platform to kind of spew hate, you know? I’m really done seeing that. It’s just negative.”

Meghan’s half-sister, Samantha, has made a cottage industry of blasting her sibling in the media.

And in August, Dooley’s father joined the scrum, griping that fame had changed his younger sibling. He continued to complain that the royal family didn’t roll out the welcome mat for the Markles as they did for the Middleton family.

Dooley had far kinder words for “Auntie Meghan,” saying, “I’ve always admired her, from when I was a small child, and I’ve always looked up to her. She has always been so pleasant and full of life.”

But Dooley isn’t above cashing in on her name.

After her May wedding to Prince Harry, he peddled an “extremely potent” strain of weed, dubbed Markle’s Sparkle, from his Oregon cannabis farm, Royally Grown.

And his new TV gig, which premieres next month, features him bunking in a Sussex countryside mansion with other vaguely royal-adjacent people.

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