Meghan Markle & Prince Harry miss Royal Ascot – is there still ‘feud’ with Kate & William?

On Tuesday, the Royal Family descended on Ascot for the annual racing event. The Queen was joined by Queen Maxima and her husband the King of Netherlands, and Kate Middleton and Prince William were also there to enjoy the day. However, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were noticeably missing from the group, despite attending the previous year. With rumours swirling of a feud between the two couples, could this be the latest sign the row is still rumbling on? 

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry miss Royal Ascot – is there still ‘feud’ with Kate & William?

Is there really a feud between the two couples? Is it still going on?

Meghan and Harry’s absence comes after months of reports the couple are feuding with Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Since Meghan and Harry’s wedding last year May, it’s been reported that brothers Harry and William have been locked in a “royal feud” following an alleged fallout between their wives.

While they’ve all kept pretty tight lipped about the matter, William appeared to hint at underling tension between the group.

In a resurfaced video interview, William spoke of “disagreements” between the “Fab Four” last year.

When asked if they ever have disagreements, William said: “oh yes” and Harry chipped in to say these were “healthy disagreements”.

The Duke of Sussex then admitted their rows “come so thick and fast”, it’s difficult to pinpoint how they resolved their last row, to which William responded: “Is it resolved? We don’t know.”

Months later, Meghan and Harry announced that they’d be moving out of Kensington Palace – where Kate and Wills live – into Frogmore Cottage in Windsor, sparking further rumours of a feud.

And most recently, it was announced the couples would officially split their charitable endeavours, as Meghan and Harry want to “move in their own direction”. 

Royal biographer Duncan Larcombe believes this is a sign “they are not the best of friends.”

He told Yahoo’s Royal Box: “It is definitely a sign that things aren’t going so swimmingly for the four of them.”

He added: “Certainly, the fact they have their own media team, they are now living in a different place. There is a lot of sign that perhaps they are not the best of friends.” 

Why haven’t Meghan and Harry been seen at Ascot? Is it because they don’t get along with Kate and William?

Last year, Meghan made her Ascot debut in a white Givenchy look. She and Harry affectionately held hands and linked arms throughout the occasion, which took place only about a month after their royal wedding.

Many expected the pair to put on a similar display at this year’s event, however when they didn’t show up feud rumours with Kate and William were reignited.

Meghan, who gave birth to their son Archie Harrison in May, is still on maternity leave which could explain her absence from the event.

Duncan Larcombe told “It is traditional for new royal mums to take a six-month break from official engagements.”

Therefore it’s not unusual for royal mothers to “pick and choose” their public appearances after welcoming a child.

However, the Duchess did make an appearance at the Trooping the Colour, annual royal celebration of the Queen’s birthday earlier this month. A source told People Magazine it was a “family occasion” and “you don’t skip the Queen’s birthday”, explaining why she attended this event but has skipped others.

While Meghan is expected to stay home at during this year’s Ascot, Harry has continued with both his work and personal engagements following Archie’s birth, so it may be that he could attend Ascot by himself on a later date.

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