McDonald’s Is Mistaking Pumpkin Pie for Apple Pie, According to Twitter

McDonald’s appears to be playing bait-and-switch with pie lovers across the country. The fast-food chain, which has had apple pie on its menu for years, recently resurrected its less beloved pumpkin pie for fall, and several customers have said they’ve been served pumpkin pie after ordering the apple variety.

While some are pleased to see the gourd-filled pastry return to McDonald’s (it was previously on the menu in 2011 and again in 2015) others prefer the American classic, and are peeved the restaurant is seemingly trying to push another dessert on them, especially since the apple pies are just about universally loved.

Though the pie mix-ups could be purely accidental, a lot of people are reporting McDonald’s is getting its pie orders all mixed up. Check out the bevy of furious tweets below:

Still, seeing as how McDonald’s told Today Food the pumpkin pies consist of “pumpkin filling, a flaky pastry crust” and a sweet cinnamon sugar dusting, not everyone is against the seasonal offering, even if it is temporarily taking apple pie’s place on the menu. “One pumpkin pie from McDonald’s isn’t enough. I need 5000 more,” one fan tweeted. Added another: “I just had a pumpkin pie at McDonald’s and it was by far the best pumpkin pie I ever had.”

Tell Us: Do you prefer McDonald’s apple or pumpkin pie?

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