Martin Lewis warns you can save hundreds on fuel bill using ‘smooth driving’

Martin Lewis found fame thanks to his savvy money-saving tips, and his advice has never been needed more than now, with the cost of living rising significantly.

The 49 year old has been providing tips to help with rising energy costs over recent weeks, and now he's provided advice for those looking to decrease their fuel bill.

Petrol prices have reached an all time high, but there is one way you can cut your fuel bill, and it's all down to how you drive your car.

Money-saving expert Martin has explained how 'smooth driving' can help you save fuel, as well as the environment.

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The TV star advised "driving in a smoother fashion", which means you should accelerate gradually rather than revving the engine the more you accelerate, the more fuel you use.

He added that you should try to stay under 3,000 revs and always drive in the highest gear possible, without labouring the engine.

Also, drivers should attempt to change gears much earlier than they naturally would, as this helps you to plan ahead and move gradually.

Making the most of the car's momentum can help, and you should try not to hit the brakes too quickly where possible.

Martin's latest advice comes after Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak announced a plan to cut fuel duty by 5p in his spring statement earlier this month.

Despite the price cut, the money-saving expert estimates that for someone who drives around 15,000 miles a year averaging 35 miles per gallon, they could be forking out around £2,963 every year just for petrol at the average UK price.

However, there's been more advice issued from other experts, with Alex Kindred, a car insurance expert at, outlining four top tips to help drivers save hundreds.

Alex first advised not to fill up your car with belongings, as a lighter car uses less fuel.

Secondly, he explained that drivers should always try to seek out the cheapest petrol, and ensure that you have enough in your tank before a long journey – there's nothing worse than running low on a long journey and being forced to top up at an astronomically expensive motorway service station!

Ensure that you shop around when it comes to car insurance, as it can save you money. Alex revealed: “Consider switching insurers. Our latest research found that drivers who shopped around at the end of 2021 saved £36 compared to the price at the end of 2020."

Finally, the expert advised to make sure you inflate your tyres correctly, as when they are under-inflated it takes much more effort to keep the car moving.

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