‘Married At First Sight’ Preview: AJ Tells Stephanie About His Horrific Motorcycle Accident — Watch

AJ is opening up to Stephanie about the motorcycle accident that nearly cost him his life. Watch this emotional preview of the Feb. 19 episode of ‘Married At First Sight’ now.

AJ and Stephanie are still getting to know each other after their sudden marriage, and AJ tells his new wife about the near-fatal motorcycle accident he got into at 18 years old. He explains the terrible situation and gets emotional talking about it in this EXCLUSIVE Married At First Sight sneak peek: “There’s a guy on the side of the road with his wife and small child, waving his arms in the air very, very erratic. There was this car broken down in the middle lane of 1-95. I’m getting chills just talking about this every time. I hit dead center of the back bumper, and I was ejected from the motorcycle. And I’m going over the car. I remember hitting the windshield because with the forward motion of the car from it being hit, it propelled me further. I remember standing up and I looked down expecting to see my body laying there because I knew what just happened, and I said there’s no way I could be alive. That’s the last thing I remember.”

Stephanie asks him if he felt any pain afterwards. “No pain whatsoever,” AJ says. He starts to tear up in front of Stephanie. “When you think of a motorcycle accident of that magnitude you expect mangled bodies everywhere,” he continues.

AJ admits that the motorcycle accident made him realize that he can’t play it safe with his life. “For the most part that’s why I’m so energetic and happy and smiling all the time because I truly am happy to be alive,” he says. “And that’s why I take so many risks and chances because why not?”

The accident is what made him take a chance on Married At First Sight! “Life can be taken from you at any time. So take the risks. Live your life. Be happy. That’s why I got married at first sight. Now I have Stephanie in my life and by my side.” Married At First Sight season 8 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.

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