maharishi Taps Ayamé for Special Edition Sock Monkey Figures

maharishi teamed up with Japanese sock manufacturer Ayamé on a series of special edition Sock Monkey collectibles. Ayamé’s team is made of experienced craftsmen whom create groundbreaking sock designs with intricate depth and textures. The Sock Monkey arrives in four variants: Maha Olive, Black, Woodland Camo and Night Camo.

Each figure features the label’s Fall/Winter 2020 Mamushi pattern that references the ‘80s ROK Academy Camo from South Korea. All collectibles were handmade in Japan with their own unique finish. Head to maharishi’s website to purchase one now for $140 USD.

In case you missed it, maharishi unveiled a special capsule from its Fall/Winter 2020 collection that features a diverse range of embroidery items spanning overshirts, sweats, hoodies, trousers, tees and even a tapestry.
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