Love rival is hacking fella's social media to make me think he's cheating

I met my boyfriend online and we have a long-distance relationship. We only see each other once a month and the rest of the time our relationship is online.

His ex edits his messages to make out he is cheating on me. She has been logging on his Instagram account and “liking” lots of different girls.

He swears it’s not him but it’s unsettling and it winds me up.

I am not worried he’ll get back with her but I fear it is going to break us.

I’m 25 and he’s 28. I’m scared he’ll get fed-up with me checking the activity on his accounts and dump me.

DEIDRE SAYS: Then stop checking up on him. She’s trying to rock you and right now she’s winning. You’re confident he loves you and she’s history – so be the bigger person and come off social media for a while.

Ask him to block her too. If she knows she’s not getting to you or him, she’ll soon stop.

Get out with friends or find a new hobby so you have better things to do when you’re not together than worry what he’s up to.

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