Love it or hate it, Camden Town Brewery is launching Marmite ale

Marmite, you either love it or hate it.

With the famous spread there is no in-between. Those who adore it, stand by it with pride.

While those who don’t, are vocal in their distaste.

And now it seems the condiment will divide opinions even more as it joins forces with a well-loved beverage.

You see, Camden Town Brewery has partnered with Marmite to create Marmite Ale. In other words, get ready for Marmite flavoured beer.

The limited edition ale is made from the yeast spread and will go on sale in retailers nationwide from September 13, with a pack of four costing £8.

Combining smoked Rauch malt, pilsner, Munich and Perle hops from Camden Town Brewery’s famous Hells Lager, Marmite is then the final ingredient.

The result is described by the brewery ‘as smoky, Marmite-infused ale that we know you won’t be able to resist giving a taste.’

Camden Town Brewery said it was a natural move to collaborate with Marmite when yeast is a byproduct of the brewing process.

‘So, it made sense to not skimp on that delicious Marmite-y taste we all know and love and actually pack Marmite into our new ale, bringing that yeasty journey full circle,’ they said.

Ashleigh Amos, head of brand experience and partnerships at Camden Town Brewery, said the smoky flavours will mix well with the fresh beer taste customers know and love.

‘We couldn’t be more excited to bring all the lovers out there this brand new beer,’ she explained. ‘As lovers ourselves, joining forces with Marmite is an amazing opportunity to really show off our brewing credentials.

‘We immediately got to work on how we were going to bring the rich, smoky flavours alive, while keeping the freshest tasting beer our Camden lovers recognise.’

She continued: ‘Marmite is such an iconic brand that’s been dividing the nation for over 100 years, so we couldn’t think of anyone more iconic to launch a collaboration beer with.

‘Combining Marmite’s distinctive flavours with our never pasteurised beer might seem like an unlikely pairing at first – but trust us, you’re going to love it.’

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