Long-Lost Childhood Friends Reunite Thanks to Viral Tweet

AceShowbiz – Twitter is where the miracle happens, where the impossible becomes possible. Just recently, childhood friends were brought together after 12 years as one of them tweeted to ask Twitter users to find her long-lost friend whom she met in a dinner cruise in Hawaii.

Twitterverse didn’t need much time to make the heartwarming tweet viral. As of now, the tweet gained massive 111K retweets and 250K likes with almost 900 people replying to the tweet.

Another Twitter user seemingly followed suit, asking to be reunited with long-lost bags of money and the like.

Jokes aside, her tweet made a miracle. Much to everyone’s surprise, the tweet reached to the girl she was searching for just 5 hours after Brianna’s tweet. Heidi Tran replied to her tweet with a selfie of herself as a youngster alongside her family. The photo saw her sporting the same blue outfit which the girl wore in Brianna’s photo. “Heard you were looking for me~” she coyly wrote.

“Omg my heart is so happy,” Brianna responded. “I was shocked,” she revealed to Teen Vogue about the internet’s helpful nature.

Heidi, meanwhile, said that her friends “directed me towards Twitter, and… I was blown away by the response Bri had gotten,” She added, “I didn’t think so many people would be invested in a story like this.”

People were also mindblown with the whole thing, as one user dubbed it the “coolest thing I’ve ever witnessed on Twitter right here!” One other demanded them to give them “daily updates of this friendship.”

Following their online reunion, Heidi shared, “We messaged each other and caught up on life.” Despite the long distance, the two students are open to meet again someday. “Until then, FaceTime and social media will have to do!” Heidi added. “The moment has given me the opportunity to talk with a lot of people, and reconnect with some old friends. I’m eternally grateful for that.”

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