Let's Discuss Randall's Profound College Essay on This Is Us — Tissues Required!

Randall’s Inspiring College Essay

Warning: This post contains spoilers for the Nov. 20 episode of This Is Us.

If there’s anything we know about Randall Pearson, it’s that he loves Thanksgiving. So when the festive episode of This Is Us aired on Tuesday night, we should’ve guessed that his character would shine. While adult Randall, played by Sterling K. Brown, has fans swooning over his shirtless early morning teeth brushing, teenage Randall, played by Niles Fitch, has us tearing up over his impressive college essay. Can someone get this kid a scholarship ASAP?!

The episode “Six Thanksgivings” brings the entire family together in ways we didn’t expect. In the present day, Zoe and Kevin join the table via FaceTime from Vietnam, and we are introduced to Miguel’s kids. In the past, we see how William first connects with Jessie and how Jack forms a connection with the Vietnamese woman and her son. All of these outstanding and tear-jerking storylines strewn throughout the episode are tied together when teenage Randall reads his college essay out loud to his family.

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