Lauren And Josiah Duggar Baby Rumors Creep Up Again, Even Production Crew Thinks She’s Expecting

Another Duggar baby on the way?

Josiah Duggar and his wife of five months may just have an announcement coming soon. There have been rumors that this couple is expecting their first child ever since their wedding night, and it may just be true this time.

This news comes from a source who talked to Hollywood Life recently. That person is said to be a part of production, so if that were the case, they would most likely know firsthand about Duggar pregnancies. The source told the entertainment site that Josiah and Lauren have been trying to have a baby since their wedding night. But then again, most of the couples in this family don’t use any form of birth control as they are content with letting nature take its course in the matter of having babies.

They have mentioned before that they are anxious about starting a family. Lauren’s family has a total of nine kids and, of course, Josiah has 18 siblings. They are used to babies and helping to take care of them, especially Lauren. Now they may soon have a child of their own. Apparently, the production crew has heard that Josiah and Lauren are already expecting now, but it’s not being made public just yet.

“”Lauren and Josiah have been married five months now and it’s not secret that they’ve been trying for a baby since their wedding night so it’s very likely she’s already pregnant. It’s not something they’re sharing publicly yet but the word behind the scenes on production is that she is expecting and they’re both over the moon happy about it,” the source spilled.

While no official announcement has been made just yet, Duggar fans are also convinced that Lauren is pregnant. They believe that she has been hiding her growing baby bump lately with loose clothing.

It seems that in every wedding video that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar film for one of their kids, they always mention being anxious for more grandchildren. That stands to reason that they expect a pregnancy to happen very soon after the couple marries. They may have already gotten their wish.

Josiah and Lauren wed on June 30 after a short courtship. A honeymoon baby would certainly fit right into the history of quick pregnancies among the Counting On couples. Of course, there is always the newest married couple, John David and Abbie, who could turn up pregnant soon as well. The baby watch is on.

Stay tuned to see who will make the next baby announcement. It could be any one of the Duggar girls who will end up with a baby bump soon.

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