KFC bring back popular 10 piece chicken bucket for £10 deal

February already, now how did that happen?

To soothe the transition from January to February, KFC have announced the return of its fan favourite meal deal – the 10 for £10 offer.

The tasty deal, which first launched last year, includes 10 pieces of fresh, hand-breaded Original Recipe Chicken – made with the chain's secret and iconic 11 herbs and spices blend.

The bargain bucket meal is available now until Feb 21, and can be ordered using food delivery services Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat.

With tougher lockdown restrictions across the UK, most KFC stores are only available via drive-ins or for home delivery. To find out where your nearest KFC branch is, use the online store locator.

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At just £10 in total, all of your chicken pieces are only £1 each, compared to £18.90 for the cost of 10 pieces without this offer.

That's saving you £8.90 in total – clucking good that isn't it?

What's more, Just Eat customers can also get £5 back on orders priced £10 or more with money-saving website TopCashback.co.uk.

The £5 Just Eat cashback offer ends at 10 am on March 31 at 10am, and is only available for new members or those with no previous purchases or cashback through TopCashback. You can check full terms and conditions of the offer by heading to the website.

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