Kevin Spacey to plead not guilty to sex-crime charge on Nantucket

Kevin Spacey will plead not guilty to groping a teenage boy in a Nantucket bar in the summer of 2016, but he insists he doesn’t need to be physically present at his arraignment next week to do so. 

Spacey filed a motion Monday with the District Court on Nantucket Island seeking to be excused from appearing at the Jan. 7 arraignment on the grounds that the publicity surrounding his first public appearance since being accused last fall will likely taint the jury pool.

The 14-page document includes an affadavit signed by Kevin S. Fowler (Spacey’s real last name) in which he says he believes “my presence will amplify the negative publicity already generated in connection with this case.”

“I wish to enter a plea of not guilty,” his affadavit says. “I understand that if I fail to appear and answer to the charges pending against me without sufficient excuse, I can be subject to a fine or imprisonment or both…”

His motion to be excused, filed by his local attorney, Juliane Balliro, says the case, in which Spacey is accused of felony indecent assault and battery on an 18-year-old busboy, has “already generated extraordinary interest from national and local print and television media outlets.”

Forcing Spacey, who’s been avoiding the media for more than a year, to do a “perp walk” in front of a media mob at a tiny island courthouse would not be fair, his motion argues. 

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