Kaley Cuoco Fires Back After Trolls Say She Looks Pregnant: ‘Shut Up’

Kaley is fervently denying speculation by trolls that she’s pregnant! A source close to her told HL EXCLUSIVELY how ‘right now is not the time’!

Kaley Cuoco wants all the trolls who asked if she was pregnant after she posted a photo from  the InStyle awards to “shut up.” “So, because I’m in traffic I thought I’d take this time to comment on some Instagram trolls,” she told her fans in an Instagram Story on Oct. 24. “I posted a picture this morning of my sister and I from an event last night and people said I looked pregnant.”

When it comes down to it, she was just shocked that any person would even ask such a question to begin with. “Now, would you ever walk up to someone on the street or at an event where they’re obviously dressed up and say, ‘Are you pregnant?’” she went on to say. “It’s just so comedic and shocking that people would ask that.” And then, Kaley finally stated — once and for all — that she was in fact not expecting. “I’m not pregnant. I guess it was a pregnant angle. Seriously, shut up,” she added.

Meanwhile, a source close to Kaley told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that while she wants to be a mother in the long run, she’s not actively trying right now. “Kaley is definitely not pregnant right now. She’s really just laughing these rumors off,” our source said. “She absolutely wants to be a mom in the future, but she wants to finish off this season of Big Bang first and then she’ll really start to think about it, but right now is not the time.” We’ll keep you posted with all of the latest news surrounding Kaley. In the meantime, check out all of her photos in our gallery above.

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